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Highway commission employees erect signs proclaiming the good news of the completion of a segment of Interstate 29 from the I-480 bridge to North Sixteenth Street. The new section, to open Friday, will allow I-29 and U.S. 75 traffic to bypass busy…

One more gap in the Interstate Highway system around Council Bluffs was eliminated Friday as I-29 between Ninth Avenue and North Sixteenth Street was opened to traffic. Traffic may now skirt by Council Bluffs on the north and proceed to the East…

Aerial photo of the I-29 and I-480 interchange, looking SW toward U.P.R.R.

Growing Interchange . . . of Interstate 480 has changed the topography of Council Bluffs near the Missouri River. The earthen hills in the center will support lanes of traffic above ground level; to their left are piers for four overpasses. Other…

Roller Bearing...on the council Bluffs abutment of the I-480 Bridge is inspected by William J. Kontor.

On The Way To Bellevue, Neb. . . . motorists traveling west on Highway 370 south of Council Bluffs will pass over this soon-to-be-completed bridge. Interstate 29, that will eventually link Kansas City and points south with Council Bluffs, will run…
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