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Whistling propane tanks...sent this observer running from the scene of the blast and fire at the Bluffs Elevator Col, 2313 18th Ave. Union Pacific Railroad detective Sam Irwin stands in the background along with an unidentified worker from another…

The Life Flight Helicopter...hovers near the clouds of smoke spewing from the fire at the Bluffs Elevator Co. The St. Joseph Hospital aircraft was not used to transport patients, but the paramedics on board offered assistance to Council Bluffs…

photo, at a distance of plume of smoke from Bluffs Elevator explosion/fire; railroad tracks and cars shown on each side of plume.

Food Cans...are shoveled from the second floor of the Blue Star plant by the truck load, as workmen start cleanup after fire.

Charred the foreground held some 6,000 live chickens which were destroyed in the Blue Star fire at Atlantic. Company officials termed the plant a "total loss."

nighttime photo of firefighters on ladders, with hoses, entering building's second story windows; smoke at top of photo

Fire Department 100.tif
Photographs of unidentified fires in Council Bluffs.

Fire Department Wickham Bldg Fire 1917 (2).tif
Photograph of the Wickham Building fire.

Exterior Of Church...shows hole in roof from the fire and most of the windows were broken out due to the tremendous heat of the blaze.

Fire Fighters - World Radio 1-4-1954.tif
World Radio Laboratories building at 738-44 West Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway 11-4-1952.tif
Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Ford Van & Storage 9-4-1959.tif
Ford Van and Storage Co. warehouse, 700 S. Main St. The blaze burst through the roof from burning storage vaults on the fourth floor. Three firemen were injured in the fire.

Fire Fighters - Central Block Bldg 515-517 S. Main 7-5-1964.tif
Photograph of building fire at 515-517 S. Main.

Fire Fighters - 12-20-1973 (2).tif
Photos of Vance Grain elevator fire at 3300 First Ave.

Fire Fighters - 12-6-1970.tif
A fire started by a spark from a trash fire gutted a storage shed at the power house of the Christian Home and nearly destroyed the home of A. W. Fitz Sr. 2501 Eighth Ave.

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Fire Fighters - 11-27-1973.tif
Photo of fire damage

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Fire Fighters - 10-28-1961 Hoagland Lumber Yard & Ford Bldg.tif
Hoagland Lumber yard fire at Seventh and South Main spread to the roof of the Ford Brothers Van and Storage warehouse next door north.

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Fire Fighters - 10-22-1952.tif
Photographs of fire at Blue Star Foods Inc garage at 1509 S. Main St. that spread to Continental Keller Company warehouse at 1501 S Main St.

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Fire Fighters - 9-4-1959 Ford Van & Storage.tif
Ford Van and Storage Co. warehouse at 700 S. Main St.

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Fire Fighters - 6-29-73.tif
Dousing the interior of the Wagon Wheel Tavern, 830 N. 8th St. are Council Bluffs Fireman Harold Jensen and Larry French in the snorkel rig.
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