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Fire Department  1010 5th Ave 1971.tif
Firefighters near truck at house fire - 1010 5th Avenue.

Nuzum, R. Brown, DiBlasi, Lidgett, Foster, Chief Elgan, Holly, D. DeVine, Rutledge, and Koening.

Johnson, Hassler, Bronson and Nuzum treated at hospital for heat exhaustion and released.

Fire Fighters - 275 Club 1-1-1972.tif
Pouring water into the ruins of the 275 Club, 1030 W. South Omaha Bridge Road, are Council Bluffs firefighter and the snorkel unit.

Fire Fighters - Blue Star & Continental Kellar Warehouse 10-21-1952 (2).tif
Five photos of the Blue Star & Continental Kellar Warehouse Fire

Fire Fighters - Brown Shoe Fit Fiire 3-25-1957.tif
Photographs of fire at Brown's Shoe Fit Co., 413 W. Broadway.

Fire Department Capt Oamek & Mike Kilbane.tif
Photograph of Fire Department Captain Oamek and Fire Department Mike Kilbane.

Fire Department Central Station 1907.tif
A photograph of a fire engine in front of the Central Fire Station.

Fire Fighters - Chester Brooks home 11-16-1970.tif
A Council Bluffs firefighter inspects damage to the kitchen of the Chester Brooks home at 2026 Avenue L. Fire inspectors believe fume from gasoline ignited from a kitchen appliance. Three persons in the home were injured.

Fire Fighters - 1-1-1975 Chief Elgan.tif
Surveying the remains of a house at 23rd N. 2nd St. destroyed early Wednesday by fire is Fire Chief Norman Elgan. One man was killed in the blaze.

Fire Fighters - 7-27-72.tif
Bud Seaman, yard manager for Cohoe Lumber Co., 25 S. 25th St., surveys the damage caused by a fire.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--A firehouse scene believed to be at No. 1 station on South Main Street before 1900, finds three typical firefighters playing three handed cribbage. This photo comes from retired fireman Bud Cheyne, 412 Oakland Ave.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--At least 50 years ago, the No. 22 Fire Station at Twentieth St. and Broadway looked like this. We're not just sure what the occasion was for the decorations, but even the horses and fire wagons were shined up. …

Fire Department CBFD No. 3 ~1900.tif
A photograph of Council Bluffs firefighters and a horse drawn fire engine.

01-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments Fire.tif
Photograph of firefighter at Elder Court Apartments fire.

Fire Fighters - 1-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments.tif
Unidentified relatives of one of the apartment complex dwellers huddle under the eve of a nearby house with the small bit of clothing they salvaged from the blaze that destroyed the complex.

Firefighters put their weight on hoses at the Elder…

Fire Fighters - Elder Court Apartments 1-14-1972 (2).tif
Photographs of the Elder Court Apartments fire

Fire Fighters - Fire at Bergstrom Woodworking Plant 11-27-1962.tif
Fire Capt. Earl J. Hansen is taken to an ambulance at fire scene.

The Bergstrom Woodworking Co. plant, 110 S. 18th St. was destroyed by fire.

Fire Fighters - (4).tif
Three unlabeled photographs of fires and firefighters.

Fire Fighters -  Macedonia Rescue Units 11-13-1969.tif
Rescue units from Macedonia also service Carson and Henderson areas. Examining apparatus for broken bones are Herman DeWitt, a fireman called the "first aid chief" by his coworkers, Dale Hobson, acting of the volunteer fire department, and Lawrence…

Fire Department Bruce Talbot, Jim Gress, Calvin Petersen.tif
Photograph of Council Bluffs firefighters Bruce Talbot, Jim Gress, Calvin Petersen.

Fire Fighters - Ford Van & Storage 9-4-1959.tif
Ford Van and Storage Co. warehouse, 700 S. Main St. The blaze burst through the roof from burning storage vaults on the fourth floor. Three firemen were injured in the fire.
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