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November/December 2011 Historical Society newsletter.

Churches B363c.jpg
Photograph of the exterior of Broadway Methodist Church, Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Churches D634.tif
Interior of the Dodge Memorial Congregational Church

Churches F548.tif
Photograph of the exterior of Fifth Avenue Methodist Church, Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Churches F577b.tif
Photograph of the exterior of the First Congregational Church in Council Bluffs.

Churches G733.tif
Photograph of the exterior of Grace Presbyterian Church with daily vacation Bible School children in foreground.

Floods F566o.tif
Photograph of Council Bluffs (Iowa) taken after the flood of 1881. Looking south.

Printed on bottom of image: "The great flood of 1881 - Congregational Church in right center."

Churches B373b.tif
Photograph of the Baraca Class, Presbyterian Church, 1912. A list of names is on the back of the photograph.

Perkins J774g.tif
Photograph of J. R. Perkins on the occasion of his final sermon, First Congregational Church, 1947.

Churches M484b.tif
Photograph of the Methodist Church in Council Bluffs (Iowa),1868.

Churches M484a.tif
Stereograph of Methodist Church, Council Bluffs (Iowa) circa 1880.

Printed on back: "City Series - Methodist Church. 1st and Broadway. Excelsior Gallery, Between Main & Pearl Sts., Council Bluffs, Iowa."

Churches O433.tif
Photograph of the old Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Corner of First and Broadway.

Churches R484.tif
Photograph of the 54th anniversary of the conversion of Rev. Henry De Long, 1912. Group photograph. Partial list of names on the back of photo.

From back of photo: "54th anniversary of the conversion of Rev. Henry Delong; Broadway M.E. Church,…

Churches S747.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of St. Francis Xavier Church in Council Bluffs (Iowa), Between Main and Pearl.

Printed on bottom of photograph: "Built 1860. St. Francis Xavier Church. Removed 1888."
Printed on back of photograph: "Site of Present…

Churches S774a.tif
Photograph of St. Peter's Catholic Church, 1 Bluff Street.
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