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tornado (1).jpg
Photographs of the damage from the 1988 tornado in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Tornadoes T676e.tif
Four photographs showing damage after a tornado.

Tornadoes T676d.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of tornado damage on Tostevin Avenue, Sept. 28, 1923.

Tornadoes T676c.tif
Photograph showing damage in Omaha after the 1913 tornado.

Tornadoes T676b1of12.tif
12 photographs showing damage from the March 1913 tornado. Also includes 2 photographs of Lake Manawa.

Tornadoes T676a.tif
photographs showing tornado and storm damage, Sept. 28, 1923

Postcard of residence section after tornado.

Public Utilities O437.tif
Photograph of the Old Power House, 29th Street and 1st Avenue, after tornado.
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