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Today...while there have been only minor changes on the exterior of the church, a sizable building program has added a new pastor's residence and educational unit, extreme right. The church's interior also has been remodeled and redecorated.,

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: From a postal card dated 1910 comes this view of St. John's Lutheran Church at Seventh St. and Willow Ave. The photo was furnished by Don Jones of 2422 Avenue F.

New Addition Of A Narthex . . . at St. John's Lutheran Church of rural Hastings is to be featured in special services there Sunday. The Rev. R.E. Bloemker, the church's pastor, is standing in the foreground.

Pool Of Rainwater...makes a pretty mirror for St. John's Lutheran Church at Willow Avenue and Seventh Street. The underlying cause was a leaf-choked culvert.

Mirrored in the backwash...from a leaf clogged storm sewer, St. John's Lutheran Church transforms an autumn water hazard into a scene of beauty.
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