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Equipment . . . in the Pottawattamie County Ambulance is demonstrated by Matt martin, on stretcher, Keith Harris and Director Wayne McCunn. --Nonpareil Photo.

Receiving a message . . . on a new high frequency two-way radio system at jennie Edmundson Hospital is Mrs. Rita Pierson, supervisor of the hospital's emergency room. She is talking directly to a technician from a Southwest Iowa ambulance en route to…

Ready to go in one of two new Council Bluffs ambulances is Emergency Medical Technician Jack Osborne. The paid cost 45,000, with $20,000 of that coming from a federal grant. These are the first "city" ambulances in recent years. One will be on…

White Pontiac Catalina with a light on the roof. The window says, "Pottawattamie County." Four men and one woman stand around the car. The back of the photo says, "New ambulance."

When the units . . . back into their headquarters at Twenty-seventh Street and Broadway, the first operation is to check and clean up equipment. Danny Jordan wipes up the unit to keep it spotless while Pat Stiles checks the resusitator [resuscitator]…

A staff of 13 trained emergency medical technicians man the two units of the Pottawattamie County Ambulance Division on a 24-hour basis to provide emergency ambulance service over the entire Western end of the county.

Training periods . . . fill the gap between runs for the medical technicians. Utilizing this time to freshen up on previous training and keep abreast of new equipment are Mulvania and Hazelwood. They use a new type of visual gauge for taking blood…

Ambulance Service C.B. & Pott. County
City, county, hospital meeting eyes ambulance service asks for subsidy of $1,000 per week. August 12, 1967
No date mentioned. Ambulance firm to quit serving Bluffs. August 25, 1967
At 12:01 A.M. Monday…
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