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Fire Department 1951 GMC Ambulance 1962.tif
Photograph of a Council Bluffs Fire Department 1951 GMC ambulance accident in 1962.

Checking radio . . . of their emergency unit's monitoring equipment are Don Spencer, Wayne McCunn and Bob Hazelwood of the Pottawattamie County Emergency Care Division. The unit allows the paramedics to keep hospital staff alerted to a patient's…

Rod Christiansen . . . and Robert Hazelwood, attendants for the Pottawattamie County Ambulance Division, check the equipment on the inside of one of the units. last year the division made 2,554 runs and assisted 2,418 patients. --Nonpareil Photo.

A new county ambulance went into service Friday and one of its first stops was City Hall where Mayor Joseph Katelman gave it a personal inspection. The new unit is box shaped giving attendants more working room. It will hold up to four patients.…

Inspecting ambulance . . . now in service at the Oak Street Fire Station are fireman Larry Olsen, Mayor Dennis Anderson and Stan Miller of the Emergency Car Division. --Nonpareil Photo.

New County Ambulance that went into service late Tuesday is the first such vehicle in the state that bears the new national standard colors, according to director Wayne McCunn. The new unit is white, orange and black, will replace Squad 1, the…

Equipment . . . in the Pottawattamie County Ambulance is demonstrated by Matt martin, on stretcher, Keith Harris and Director Wayne McCunn. --Nonpareil Photo.

Receiving a message . . . on a new high frequency two-way radio system at jennie Edmundson Hospital is Mrs. Rita Pierson, supervisor of the hospital's emergency room. She is talking directly to a technician from a Southwest Iowa ambulance en route to…

Ready to go in one of two new Council Bluffs ambulances is Emergency Medical Technician Jack Osborne. The paid cost 45,000, with $20,000 of that coming from a federal grant. These are the first "city" ambulances in recent years. One will be on…

White Pontiac Catalina with a light on the roof. The window says, "Pottawattamie County." Four men and one woman stand around the car. The back of the photo says, "New ambulance."

When the units . . . back into their headquarters at Twenty-seventh Street and Broadway, the first operation is to check and clean up equipment. Danny Jordan wipes up the unit to keep it spotless while Pat Stiles checks the resusitator [resuscitator]…

A staff of 13 trained emergency medical technicians man the two units of the Pottawattamie County Ambulance Division on a 24-hour basis to provide emergency ambulance service over the entire Western end of the county.

Training periods . . . fill the gap between runs for the medical technicians. Utilizing this time to freshen up on previous training and keep abreast of new equipment are Mulvania and Hazelwood. They use a new type of visual gauge for taking blood…

Ambulance Service C.B. & Pott. County
City, county, hospital meeting eyes ambulance service asks for subsidy of $1,000 per week. August 12, 1967
No date mentioned. Ambulance firm to quit serving Bluffs. August 25, 1967
At 12:01 A.M. Monday…
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