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First Passenger . . . in the new Jennie Edmundson Hospital surgical wagon is Jennifer Porter. The surgical escort is Virginia Flynn. Chatting with Jennifer is Max Smelser who, with Ken Bermel, designed and helped construct the wagon.

Serving Coffee . . . in lounge to an oncology patient's husband, Arthur C. Woolman of Oakland, is Wanda Hessel, a Jennie Edmundson Hospital volunteer.

Classroom Has Folding Doors . . . Pediatrics lecture room in new wing at Jennie Edmundson hospital can be opened for demonstrations by pushing back folding curtain. Demonstration table (right front) features steel lamp. 'Blackboard" is really green…

Premature Nursery Is Glassed In . . . Glass cubicles house 12 incubators and bassinets in the premature nursery of the new Jennie Edmundson hospital wing. Both "premies" and sick newborn babies will be cared for here. Above each is an individual…

Feeling Like A Hotel Guest . . . is an early second floor patient, Mrs. Fern Knight of Malvern. The Rev. Loren Works, hospital chaplain, chats with her. Each room has two-way light unit and oxygen outlet.

Heated Cupboard In Pantry . . . makes serving warm food easy for Mrs. Marie Miller, 630 South First Street. Tray and steam carts to the left are both constructed of steel. Coffee burner and toaster supply quick snacks.

All The Convenience Of A Boudoir . . . is provided by make-up tray in movable table. Mrs. Clara E. Strobehn, chairman of the hospital board, smiles into mirror while Miss Dorothea Ely shows her the two-bed adult room on second floor.

Sick Babies In Steel Cribs . . . are tended by Mrs. Wilma King, pediatrics supervisor. Adjustable sides on each of the four cribs in this room permit nurses to care for the infants with the least possible handling.

Playroom Scaled To A Child . . . is enjoyed by one of the first patients in the pediatric department. She is Cathy Strong, 2820 Avenue C, in the hospital for a tonsillectomy. Two full walls are windowed.

Discussing Monitor . . . usage for Courtney McPartland are Mrs. Ceci Kiefer, director of patient care at Jennie Edmundson Hospital's Pediatric Department, and the child's mother, Mrs. Jim McPartland.

Shooting Pool . . . in the playroom of Jennie Edmundson Hospital's Pediatric Department is David Ross of Oakland as Mrs. Arlene More, department assistant director, watches. Play is an important part of the hospital's patient recovery program.

Checking Operations . . . of new waste compactor at Jennie Edmundson Hospital are Katherine Grote, assistant director of housekeeping, Audrey Coffman, director of the Housekeeping Department and Charles Kidder, a custodian.

Holding A Team Conference . . . at a nursing station at Jennie Edmundson Hosptial are Mrs. Bonnie Green, Mrs. Leslie Darrington, Mrs. Ramona Gittins and Peter Koontz.
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