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Serving Coffee . . . in lounge to an oncology patient's husband, Arthur C. Woolman of Oakland, is Wanda Hessel, a Jennie Edmundson Hospital volunteer.

Taking A Stroll---down the hospital corridor is Randy Roffman. The helping hands belong to Jennie Edmundson nurses.

Surgical Team...takes over in an operation that lasted six hours. Instruments shown are hemostats, clamped to the incision to slow bleeding.
[Best_Pictures_Best_Stories_1959_3_8_1959_03.jpg is enlarged version of this photo, measuring 13.5 x 13…

Electronic Thermometer...which instantly records body temperatures is observed constantly while patient is receiving hypothermia treatment.

Sketch of proposed Health Center - West, a joint venture by Jennie Edmundson and Mercy Hospitals.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--From an old postcard of 1909 comes this picture of the original section of the present Jennie Edmundson Hospital at Oak and Pierce Streets. The card is from the collection of Arthur J. Rogers, 130 Park Ave.

Today...nearly 50 years later, and with several additions, the hospital has grown to several times its original size. This picture is made from the corner of Pierce and Ridge Streets. It shows the newest addition to the hospital, extreme left, as…

This Spacious Lounge . . . is a comfortable area to relax for patients to wait their turn to receive medical attention in one of the outpatient areas.

Checking Arthroscope . . . readying it for diagnostic purposes are Mrs. Minnie Thornton, operating room supervisor, and Mrs. Linda Bryson, operating room technician at Jennie Edmundson Hospital.

Human Stress . . . is measured at Jennie Edmundson Hospital with this series of machines, including a treadmill. Working on the machine are Allan Zimmerman, an electrocardiogram (EKG) specialist; patient Mrs. Mary J. Stancliffe, 431 Ridge Road; Dr.…

Collecting And Arranging . . . employee time cards are Marsha Gibb, Jennie Edmundson Hospital payroll clerk, Vickie Petersen and Carole Plummer. After all time cards are collected and accounted for they will be taken to Council Bluffs Savings Bank…

Chairs in waiting room of new hospital wing are patterned in green and gold plastic. Figured drapes on the windows harmonize. Children's playroom can be seen through the inner window (left).

Proposed Addition . . . to Jennie Edmundson Hospital would not run parallel to existing buildings. The two-level structure is planned to slant into a hill at the rear of the hospital. An existing power plant at the hospital has been omitted in this…

Light And Airy Rooms . . . with vast use of glass, will be featured in the patients' rooms in the proposed new Jennie Edmundson Hospital. This is an architect's sketch.

"Here's Your Target: . . . Floyd Hughes Jr. tells his team of workers on the Jennie Edmundson Hospital fund drive. He is emphasizing the need for reaching the $500,000 campaign goal.

Plugged Entrance . . . to underground tunnels at 1027 E. Pierce St. is examined by Walter G. Hall. Below the patch, an iron ladder descends into a labyrinth extending as far as the Jennie Edmundson Hospital parking lot.

New Site Plan . . . for the Jennie Edmundson Hospital building program is shown here in relation to adjoining residential properties. The route of earth moving machines also is indicated.

Spading The Way . . . for the $2,100,000 addition to Jennie Edmundson Hospital is Mrs. Lenora Steeve, president of the Women's Christian Association. Watching are Floyd Hughes Jr., Robert Owen, and association officers, Miss Dorothy Christensen, Mrs.…
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