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Immersed In Ice a man about to undergo brain surgery. Nurses use paddles to keep ice cubes circulating throughout the tank.

Surgical Team...takes over in an operation that lasted six hours. Instruments shown are hemostats, clamped to the incision to slow bleeding.
[Best_Pictures_Best_Stories_1959_3_8_1959_03.jpg is enlarged version of this photo, measuring 13.5 x 13…

Electronic Thermometer...which instantly records body temperatures is observed constantly while patient is receiving hypothermia treatment.

Swinging Aerial ladder...into position--shortly after 5 a.m.--firemen prepare to pour water on the blazing roof of the Raven Feed Plant elevator. A few moments later Pipeman Early Hanson, atop the ladder, directed a stream of water onto the…

Raising His "Dukes" show his cousin Terry Hansen his bandages is Richard Turpen.

MOOOOve This of me, bawls one of the cattle trapped under the overturned truck. Three were killed.
[Photo zoomed-in view of Best_Pictures_Best_Stories_1959_05_6_1959_11.jpg]

A new coat of paint for the Public Library's children's room doesn't keep the youngsters from their books. Trudy Widel, 9, 1405 McPherson Ave. slips a volume from under the stepladder whie Walt Bustardo rolls on the paint. Bustardo and his father,…

Finally Stopped...after slamming its way through the narrow pass between two garages is the car which plummeted down Elder Street at the rear.

Splintered Garage...shows how the vehicle blazed the end of its trail. The splatters are from oil in the drums which prevented hitting the building at left.

A Damaged books and a lost shoe tell a story that could have ended tragically. Tommy Gardner, 9, 3117 Avenue C, looks over the belongings of Bruce Dawkins.

This Second Crash...occurred when an oil tanker skidded into stock truck. At right are Highway Patrol Sgt. H. R. Erts and Richard L. Forte, driver of the oil transport.

Wedged Into Clay the force of the impact is the wreckage of the prize winning customized convertible.
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