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Convalescent and Rest Homes
Includes fire at C.B. Conv. Home
501 Frank 2/13/57
At Least 13 Persons Perish As Fire Sweeps Rest Home on Frank Street; Unknown Numbers of Patients Burned. February 13, 1957
The Worst Fire In History Of Council Bluffs. February 14, 1957
See Faulty Wiring As Cause Of Blaze; death Toll 14 in Rest Home Tragedy. February 14, 1957
Patients Were Screaming Like School Children; Eye Witness Tells Story. February 14, 1957
Identify 14 Victims of Fire; Release By Coroner Henry Meyer. February 14, 1957
Services Are Set For Fire Victims; 14 Lives Lost At Convalescent Home. February 14, 1957
Stunned Employes Tell About Catastrophe; Tragic Documentary Of Fatal Fire At Convalescent Home. February 14, 1957
3 Patin Children Escape From Fatal Fire Unharmed; At Convalescent Home. February 14, 1957
Surveying Damage. February 14, 1957
Visiting Firemen. February 15, 1957
Clever Deduction Leads To Source Of Fatal Fire; Traced To Appliance Cord. February 15, 1957
Studies Program To Tighten Control Over Nursing Homes; Special Legislative Committee. February 15, 1957
Shell Of Nursing Home Turned Back To Owner; Fire Chief Completes Probe. February 17, 1957
Picture of Futility. February 17, 1957
Rest Home Fire Caused By Uncovered Steampipe; Chief Is 'Fairly Convinced'. February 20, 1957
Convalescent Home Resident Is Dead. March 30, 1957
Turning To Smoke And Rubble. December 29, 1957
City Must Control Rest Homes; State Supervision Has Flopped; Officials Here Agree. October 26, 1958
'No One Knows What Goes On' in Nursing Homes Here; Less Control Than Before Fire. May 31, 1959
Rest Homes Can Barely Keep Out Of Financial Whirlpool; $250,000 Involved Yearly But. June 1, 1959
JEH Nursing Home Would Be Big Improvement; There's No Perfect Solution To Problems Here, But. June 2, 1959
Sprinkler Protection Test At Rest Home Turns Into Dry Run; Hunt For Missing Water. September 2, 1959
Shank Announces Plans for $900,000 Rest Home Here For Elderly Persons; 'Unlike Anything in Iowa'. November 13, 1960
Franklin Manor Is Incorporated. January 22, 1964
Many Oldsters Feel Better Staying In A Nursing Home; Council Bluffs Has Adequate Facilities. April 19, 1964
Franklin Manor Has New Look; Interior, Exterior Remodeling Done. March 28, 1965
State To Inspect CB Nursing Homes; At Request From City. January 21, 1967
Custodial Rank For Rest Home. February 12, 1967
Propose New Convalescent Home In Bluffs. October 15, 1968
Nursing Home Crisis For Elderly In SWI. April 1, 1973
Nursing Homes May Lose Medicare Funds. November 5, 1973
Medicaid Contract Cut Appeal By Nursing Homes. November 6, 1973
State Orders Probe Of Welfare Offices. November 7, 1973
Care Home Owners Discuss Accusations. November 8, 1973
Three Deaths Said Linked To transfer Of Patients. November 115, 1973
Three Deaths Said Linked To Transfer Of Patients. November 15, 1973
No Charged Eyed In Transfer Case Attorney Sas. November 16, 1973
State Eyes Charges In Patients Transfer; Burns Tells Legislative Committee. November 17, 1973
Welfare Probe To Be Finished End Of November. November 18, 1973
Firm Plans Rest Home Purchase; Tagues Will Move Away. November 23, 1973
Welfare Jobs To Be Shifted. December 19. 1973
Nursing Homes Given 90 Days To Fix Up. November 23, 1974
Firefighters remember the 'big blaze' of 1957. February 26, 1978
C.B. nursing homes seek quality care; appointed volunteers settle grievances. September 27, 1987
Nursing chains get criticism but say quality care is goal. September 27, 1987
Residents' rights protected by law. September 27, 1987
Nursing homes not alike; vary in purpose, structure. September 27, 1987
Firm plans to lease two C.B. care facilities. June 9, 1990
C.B. nursing homes' ratings improve. May 24, 1990

Merrill Works On New Fire Theory. February 19, 1957


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