Iowa Power And Light Co.
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Iowa Power And Light Co.
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Iowa Power And Light Co.
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Offer Power Properties For $3,550,000 - Ask 25-Year Franchise Election; City Given Six-Months Option October 29, 1947
Mayor Seeks Tax On New Power Deal - Asks 2 Per Cent Of Gross Revenue If Privately Operated November 2, 1947
Power Deal Goes To City Committee - Mayor Requests First Action On Franchise November 4, 1947
Nonpareil - KSWI Will Stage Forum On Power Franchise December 10, 1947
Mayor Denies McNear In Deal - Several Bond Firms Have Shown Interest December 10, 1947
Five Men Guiding Plan For REA Purchase Of Power Lines December 10, 1947
Minner Launches Franchise Drive - Cites His Reasons For Public Ownership December 11, 1947
If Franchise Carries, Council-Approved Group Will Buy December 12, 1947
Group Named To Study Power Deal - Committees Will Probe All Phases December 15, 1947
Form Group To Oppose New Franchise - Warren Wells Will Head Organization; Plan Public Meetings December 16, 1947
Anti-Franchise Groups Named - Executive Board To Direct Campaign December 17, 1947
To "Battle" Franchise To Election Date - Wells, In Statement, Answers Letter Of Western Iowa Power December 26, 1947
Mayor Dislikes Letter On Power December 27, 1947
Power Franchise Vote January 6, 1948
Study Extension Of Power Option - Special Council Meeting Monday April 23, 1948
Dr. Boyne Heads New Power Group - option Extension Is "Feeling Out Process" April 28, 1948
WIPC For Sale, 'For Cold Cash' - Omahans To Study Option Extension May 6, 1948
Expect Action On Option Request - Joint Boards Will Meet On Thursday May 18, 1948
Plan Talks On Public Power Issue - New Option Granted City By Omaha Firms; Deadline Now Aug. 1 May 21, 1948
VFW Joins Forces With Power Group - Veterans Link With Boyne In Plan To Purchase Utility May 27, 1948
Aldermen Urge Power Election - 'Let People Decide' The Ownership Issue May 28, 1948
Mayor Not Sure On Power Option - but Believes City Should Have A Vote May 29, 1948
Bond Firms Will Handle Power Deal - Keleher Returns From Chicago Trip May 31, 1948
Power Group Asks For City Meeting - Mayor Hopes To Make It Thursday June 1, 1948
Seek Funds To Buy Power Firm - To Solicit Money From Businessmen June 2, 1948
$100,000 Pledged For Power Group - Now Await Meeting With City Council June 3, 1948
Power, Creek Issues Go To City Council - Katelman Wants Action On Vote For Municipal Ownership Of Utility June 5, 1948
Ask Election On Utility Purchase - Wells Sees Option As "Old Proposal" June 7, 1948
Voters To Decide The Power Issue - Election Probably To Be Held July 15 June 8, 1948
Aldermen Discuss Muny Power Vote - Questions Of July 15 Election Not Settled June 10, 1948
Mayor Will Hold Onto Power Option - Surprised At Council's Refusal To Call For Muny Ownership Vote June 15, 1948
Calls Reveal Power Option Interest June 16, 1948
Katelman Asks Option Clauses - Will Make Request To Council Meeting June 17, 1948
Katelman Loses In Power Vote - Council Refuses To Set Up Conditions June 18, 1948
Legality Of New Option Plan Doubted - Proposal Not As Simple As It Sounds, Says Omaha Attorney June 30, 1948
Delay Action On Power Co. Option - Mayor Delays Until Attorney Checks It July 6, 1948
Power Option Will Go To Boyne Group - Mechanics Of Plan May Delay Beyond Aug. 1 Deadline July 28, 1948
Boyne Delays In Picking Up Option - Deadline Nears For Closing Power Deal July 29, 1948
OEC Indicates 'No' To More Option Time - Scores City For Threat To Condemn WIPC Properties Here July 30, 1948
Action On Power Option Next Week July 31, 1948
Boyne Group To Bid For Power - Would Go On The Open Market Next August 2, 1948
Power Option Extension Is Refused - Plant Now On Open Market; Firms Ready To Purchase Plant August 14, 1948
Omaha Ready To Sell WIPC - Four Firms Have Indicated Interest August 18, 1948
Discuss Private Sale Of WIPC - Reveal Net Revenues Off About One-Fourth August 26, 1948
Chamber To Ask IPL For Power Talks - Would Discuss Franchise Terms With Iowa Company Sept 22, 1948
Katelman Will Oppose Contract - May Ask Free Power For Street Lights September 24, 1948
Words Sizzle As WIPC Extension Is Delayed September 25, 1948
Power Company's Franchise Expired At Midnight Friday October 2, 1948
City Talks Mysterious Power Deal - Secret Meeting Held At City Hall; Chicago Firm Has Proposal October 16, 1948
"Quickie" Power Deal Is "Dead" - Decision Was Needed By Saturday; Bids Are Due This Week October 18, 1948
Bluffs Group Bids On WIPC Properties - Four Make Offers For Power Utility; More Are Expected October 20, 1948
Nine Firms Bid On WIPC Property - No Decision Pending Study Of Offers October 21, 1948
Says Council Will Name Power Firm - Katelman To Ask Investigation Of All Firms Bidding November 7, 1948
Bus Franchise Given Belated Council Okay - Aldermen Defeat Plan To Survey Power Firm Bidders November 9, 1978
More Secrecy Develops In Power Issue - Councilmen Reported To Have Conferred With Outside Bidder November 15, 1948
IPLC Impresses City Officials - Hear Pledge For Generating Plant November 17, 1948
Inspection Party Heading For Home - Power Group Visits S.W. Iowa Plants November 18, 1948
Four Bidders Left In WIPC Negotiations - Will Discuss Sale With Omaha Owners; Promise Prompt Action November 19, 1948
Council Inspection Party Returns Home November 19, 1948
Power Dealings To Start Tuesday - Bluffs Group Is First On List November 22, 1948
Gas Company Officers Start Negotiations For Poer Firm November 23, 1948
New Group Of Local Persons In Power Deal - Names Are Withheld Pending Completion Of Utility Purchase November 26, 1948
Iowa Power And Light Successful Bidders For WIPC - Sale Approval Rests On Two Contingencies; Price $3,430,000; Des Moines Firm Expects To Take Over Properties By June 1, 1949 December 4, 1948
Fill In White Spot December 5, 1948
Hope To Start Negotiations This Week On Power Franchise Ask SEC Approve Plant Sale - Des Moines Firm Reiterates Pledge To Build Power Plant Here; City Will Become Western Iowa Headquarters For Company December 5, 1948
Katelman Gives Views On Tax December 6, 1948
Iowa Power Offers City Better Street Lighting December 18, 1948


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Iowa Power And Light Co.
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