Iowa Power and Light Co.
Early History


Iowa Power and Light Co.
Early History


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Iowa Power and Light Co.
Early History
Special Section May 21, 1954
Compare Plant To Mighty Battleship
Power Station Has 250-Foot Smoke Stack
How To Get There
Ipalco Invites All Southwest Iowans
Ipalco Owned By 10,884 Persons
Two Wells Provide Water For Ipalco
To Use Pre-Fab For Warehouse Space
Reddy Kilowatt Is Busiest Employee On Ipalco Payroll; Always On The Job
Will Maintain 'Dead' Line Across River
Building Total High For Ipalco - Spends $40 Million In 3-Year Period
Lawrence Fenlon Knows As 'Mr. Iowa Power And Light'
Power Station Uses Much Fuel - Designed To Burn Either Coal Or Gas
44 Men Employed At Power Station
Electrical Fuses Are Safety Devices
Ipalco President Is Man Of Action, C.B. Learns - Lanky Texas Engineer
Cannibalism Practiced At Power Plant
Site Of Power Plant Is Ideal - Builder Says C.B. Should Step Ahead
5 Operating Chief At Iowa Power Plant Here Wear Two Hats
Ipalco Bid On C.B. Properties In 1947
Executive Schilling Once Planned To Sell Autos
Bluffs Crew Has Safety Record - No Disability Injury In Past 4.5 Years
Rises Fast With Iowa Power Co. - Birdsall Now Supt. Of Bluffs Station
Plant Protected Against Flooding
Pilot Exciter Regulates Power - Automatically Sets Generating Output
End of Special Section May 21, 1954

Iowa Power Plant To Throw Switch In October July 16, 1978
Iowa Power Donates Tower August 16, 1978
Power Line Fight Nearing An End - Case At Supreme Court September 20, 1978
Plant Opening A Month Away October 16, 1978
High Court Rules In Iowa Power's Favor - New Surge In Power Line Battle October 19, 1978
New Generation For Power Plant November 19, 1978
Gear Wheel Problem Delays Power Output December 21, 1978
Iowa Power Bonds Sold To State Farm January 2, 1979
Power Line Clears Hurdle February 20, 1979
New Suit Filed In Power Line Case March 22, 1979
Coal Explosion Damages Plant March 27, 1979
Dust Explosion Starts Iowa Power Plant Fires June 12, 1979
Fire Strikes Iowa Power - Twelve In 1979 June 24, 1979
Energy Problems No IP&L Problem July 18, 1979
Electric Rate Change Is Urged - For Elderly Residents October 9, 1979
Some Power Customers Still Without Electricity October 24, 1979
Angry Citizens Protest Raise In Electric Rates November 18, 1980
Iowa Power Is Accused Of Billing Too Soon For Bluffs Electricity December 4, 1980
Iowa Power Customers Due Credit February 2, 1982
Iowa Power Officials To Assist In Crime Prevention Program October 18, 1984


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Iowa Power and Light Co.
Early History


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