Giangreco, C. Joseph & Marianne
Supt. IA School for the Deaf


Giangreco, C. Joseph & Marianne
Supt. IA School for the Deaf


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Giangreco, C. Joseph & Marianne
Supt. IA School for the Deaf
New Principal Named At ISD - CJ Giangreco To Head Upper Division May 18, 1954
Giangreco Gets Promotion At ISD March 13, 1956
Let's Chat With C. Joseph Giangreco January 18, 1959
ISD Executive Plans To Leave - Giangreco To Join McMurray College May 15, 1959
Giangreco Named To National Post September 13, 1960
Giangreco Named Head Of ISD; To Succeed Berg Aug. 1, 1964 - Superintendent To Retire December 13, 1963
Caning Chairs . . . April 5, 1964
Giangreco Takes Over As ISD Head August 2, 1964
Let's Chat . . . With Marianne Giangreco September 13, 1964
CJ Giangreco Gets Doctorate - Degree Presented At Nebraska University February 6, 1965
Piloting . . . April 4, 1965
Heritage Tour: May 23, 1965
Tour City: September 10, 1965
Dedicated . . . May 22, 1966
United Church Women Installation, Annual Meet January 27, 1967
ISD Head To Speak At International Conference - At New York City May 28, 1967
Giangreco Couple Writes Book On Deaf Education June 3, 1970
ISD Superintendent Named As Delegate October 6, 1970
Giangreco Eyed For State Job January 21, 1971
Giangreco Declines Position January 29, 1971
CB Toastmasters Honor ISD Head April 15, 1971
Hearing: A National Problem - Guest Editorial November 28, 1971
National Association Of Deaf Meeting Here For First Time November 18, 1972
Hobby Transforms Home - Widespread Interests Evident December 29, 1974
North Woods Led To Poems January 19, 1975
Deaf School Head Gets Raise June 19, 1981
Giangreco Receives Award June 6, 1984
Giangreco Cited For Deaf Work August 8, 1985
Giangreco Resigning From ISD April 22, 1986
Retirement Honor May 1, 1987
ISD Mentor Retires After 23 Years July 5, 1987


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Giangreco, C. Joseph & Marianne
Supt. IA School for the Deaf


Council Bluffs, Iowa


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