Eppley Airport, Omaha


Eppley Airport, Omaha


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Eppley Airport, Omaha
Eppley Airfield Buys Iowa Land March 29, 1972
Metro Airport Name Eyed May 2, 1972
Eppley Crash Kills 4 S.W. Iowans January 22, 1973
Bluffs Opposition To Eppley Expansion Grows - Feel City Not Considered November 4, 1974
Anderson Prepares Questions About Eppley Expansion - Might Affect Growth Of Council Bluffs November 13, 1974
Eppley Future Is 'Still Open' - Public Hearing Tuesday November 24, 1974
Jets Bother Most Residents - Nonpareil Survey Shows November 25, 1974
Anderson Views Noise Response November 25, 1974
Eppley Expansion Answers Might Take Time In Coming November 27, 1974
Airport Authority Answers Will Be Studied In Depth February 17, 1975
Airfield's Growth Poses Question: Chicken Or Egg? March 23, 1975
Jet Noise Fighters Win One Round April 28, 1975
Jet Noise Fight To A New Front October 14, 1975
Bluffs Delegation To Be At Omaha Meeting October 20, 1975
Councilman Is Hoping For Noisy Jetliners October 28, 1975
Jets Drown Noise Meeting - Bluffs Complaints The Same October 31, 1975
Jets May Seem Quieter - New Takeoff Rules August 20, 1976
Ford Backs C.B. Fight On Air Noise October 25, 1976
Federal Probe Of Plane Flights Over The Bluffs October 28, 1976
Okay 60-Day Trial Plan To Lessen Aircraft Noise November 24, 1976
Feds Begin Probe Of Aircraft Noise December 13, 1976
Aircraft Noise Problems Found In Different Areas January 31, 1977
Fine Tuning On Aircraft Noise February 9, 1977
Birds Dangerous To Eppley Flights? April 20, 1977
Clark Will Seek Funds To Help Eppley Noise Fight June 20, 1977
Airport Study Funds Appear To Be Okayed July 5, 1977
Mayor Says Eppley Needed July 12, 1977
Eppley To Study Noise Control December 14, 1977
Airplane Noise Study To Begin In Bluffs May 1 April 7, 1978
Eppley Changes Runway Direction - During Work On Main Strip April 27, 1978
Major Eppley Airfield Projects Will Total In Millions May 14, 1978
Bluffs Air Space In Noise Study July 17, 1978
Why Did Planes Collide? - Known Dead At 147 September 26, 1978
Bluffs Prone To Catastrophic Plane Disaster? September 26, 1978
Eppley Airfield Casting Darker Shadow On C.B. October 1, 1978
Airplane Leaked Oil Before Crash - Seven Die At Omaha Airport December 7, 1978
Weary Workers Futilely Fight Fire December 7, 1978
Could Fatal Plane Crash Have Hit In The Bluffs? December 7, 1978
Eppley To Be Safer With Radar December 28, 1978
Airplane Noise Meeting Very Quiet; Turnout Small January 18, 1979
Few Show Up At Plane Noise Meet May 31, 1979
Aircraft Noise to Be Less Above C.B. August 2, 1979
Kiewit Gets Airport Project September 22, 1979
Airport Noise Study Ready Soon September 26, 1979
Jet Roar Should Diminish - Under New Plan May 18, 1980
Runway Plan To Cut Noise From Airport October 8, 1984


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Eppley Airport, Omaha


Omaha, Nebraska


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