Election, 1990


Election, 1990


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Election, 1990
Rance: Time To Change In Iowa's 100th District May 13, 1990
Folkerts 'Unafraid' To Stick Up For Views May 13, 1990
Pavich Proud Of Legislative Accomplishments May 13, 1990
Deadline Near For Voter Registration May 16, 1990
O'Brien: Strong SWI Voice Needed In Iowa Legislature May 19, 1990
Environment, Landfills On Hester's Legislative Agenda May 19, 1990
Joan Hester Promises Work For 98th District May 19, 1990
House Seat Longtime Goal For Winchell May 20, 1990
Olsen Experience Key To House Bid May 20, 1990
Forum Issues Split GOP Attorney Candidates May 31, 1990
Wilson Is Ordinary Peoples' Candidate May 31, 1990
SWI Voting Booths Inspected, Approved June 2, 1990
Harbor; Legislature Plateaus In Creation Of State Programs June 2, 1990
Royer: Legislature Facing Tough Issues In Year Ahead June 2, 1990
Bergantzel Ready To 'Roll Up Sleeves' June 2, 1990
SWI Voters Have Wide Range Of Candidates June 4, 1990
Drake: Hot Races, Weather To Boost Local Voter Turnout June 4, 1990
Polling Places Listed June 4, 1990
Rain, Dark Greet C.B. Voters June 5, 1990
Westfall May Run On Own After Election Loss June 6, 1990
SWI Challengers Ousts 3 Incumbents June 6, 1990
Weidman Wins District 97 Race June 6, 1990
Rance Defeats Folkerts, Will Challenge Emil Pavich June 6, 1990
County Vote Mirrors State Results June 6, 1990
Eight SWI Candidates Unopposed In Primary June 6, 1990
Voter Turnout Best In Last Eight Years June 6, 1990
Newcomers Join Race For Supervisors June 6, 1990
'No Surprises' As Supervisors Canvass Votes June 11, 1990
Canvass Widens Crowl's Lead Over Westfall June 12, 1990
Pott Democrat Discounts Friction In Party June 12, 1990
Attorneys Trade Swipes During Debate September 20, 1990
Candidates To Speak At Two C.B. Forums October 9, 1990
Voter Registration Deadline Approaches October 10, 1990
Legislative Candidates Take Few Jabs At Congenial Forum October 19, 1990
Westfall Leads In Spending October 23, 1990
Madsen, Shea Lead Supervisor Candidates In Campaign Funds October 23, 1990
Bergantzel Files Libel Suit Against Westfall October 24, 1990
Westfall Won't Retract Case Statistics October 25, 1990
Campaigns Generate Big Interest In Region November 4, 1990
Voters To Cast Ballots For Three SWI Judges November 5, 1990
56% Turnout Eyed November 5, 1990
Efforts To Increase Turnout Making A Difference Locally November 6, 1990
Exiting Voters Rap Negativism November 6, 1990
Voters Like Harkin, Lightfoot, Branstad November 6, 1990
Voters Clog Polls Despite Snow November 7, 1990
Pottawattamie County Precinct Totals November 7, 1990
Races, Issues Bring Heavy Vote - SWI Voter Turnout 59% to 70% November 7, 1990
Danker Rolls Up Top Total November 7, 1990
Crowl Turning Post-Vote Focus To Staff Hiring November 7, 1990
GOP Leeps SWI Legislative Seats November 7, 1990
Non-Voting C.B.ers Tell Why November 7, 1990
Lightfoot Sweeps 5th District November 7, 1990
Pott. Voters Return Incumbents Pavich, Siegrist To Legislature November 7, 1990
Three Local Judges Earn 2-To-1 Votes For Retention November 8, 1990
Canvass Expected To Widen Shea's Lead November 13, 1990
Canvass Adds More Votes To County Winners' Totals November 14, 1990
Glenwood Says No, Underwood Says Yes - School Bonds, Funds Voted On In 4 Districts November 28, 1990
Attorney Race Reverberations Still Being Felt January 5, 1991
Westfall, Shea Outspent Opponents In County Races January 23, 1991
Blankenship Elected Carter Lake Mayor November 3, 1993
Drawings To Break Ties In Atlantic, Mondamin Races November 3, 1993
Council Bluffs Precinct Vote Totals November 3, 1993
Gay Rights Movement Dealt Setbacks At Polls Tuesday November 3, 1993
Cantril Man Wins Two Jobs; Didn't Seek Either November 3, 1993
Hanafan Wins Big In Bluffs - Mayor Says He Won't Seek Fourth Term November 3, 1993


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Election, 1990


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