Election, 1988 (National)


Election, 1988 (National)


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Election, 1988 (National)
President Hopefuls In C.B. April 10, 1987
Bluffs Democrats Rally For Gephardt, Babbitt May 9, 1987
Hart Pullout Opens '88 Presidential Race May 9, 1987
Biden ' To Quit Race', Announcement Slated May 9, 1987
Gore, Dukakis To Visit Southwest-Iowa Towns July 9, 1987
Harrison County Straw Poll Favors Gephardt; Babbitt Distant Second September 10, 1987
Candidates Blitz Bluffs October 15, 1987
Candidate Relatives Campaign Hard In Area December 20, 1987
Kemp Believes In Brother's Ideas December 20, 1987
Campaign Work 'A Lot Of Fun' December 20, 1987
Dole's Wife Avid Supporter December 20, 1987
duPont Son:Try To See 5,000 A Day December 20, 1987
Gephardt's Mom: Know Candidate December 20, 1987
Fired Up, Burned Out For Caucuses January 24, 1988
Iowa's Caucus Activities Soon Reaching Conclusion January 31, 1988
Candidates Mustering Last-Minute Support January 31, 1988
Film, Country Stars To Campaign In C.B. February 4, 1988
Candidates Barnstorm Council Bluffs February 7, 1988
Precinct Caucus Locations February 7, 1988
Weather may Be Big Caucus Factor February 8, 1988
Delegate Division Decided By Flip Of Coin At Caucus February 9, 1988
Pottawattamie Mirrors State Count February 9, 1988
Carter Lake GOP Bucks Trend February 9, 1988
Iowans Favor Midwesterners - Gephardt Wins Close Race; Dole, Robertson Whack Bush February 9, 1988
Winners, Losers Regroup After Iowa Caucus Surprises February 9, 1988
5th District Congressional Race June 5, 1988
Freund, Dvorak Seek Lightfoot Challenge June 5, 1988
Freund Wins Handily For 5th District Slot June 8, 1988
SWI Delegates To Back First Choices, Nominees June 27, 1988
Mulqueen: Iowa Caucuses To Face Convention Debate July 17, 1988
Most Iowa Delegates Going For Dukakis July 18, 1988
Jackson Delegates Still Unhappy With Dukakis July 19, 1988
Mulqueen Sees Lively Debate On Convention's Second Night July 19, 1988
Baxter To Speak On 'Bread And Butter' July 19, 1988
Harkin Says Make Jackson Party Chief July 19, 1988
Iowans Expect To Keep 'First' Status July 19, 1988
Iowan Meets TV Star July 19, 1988
Carter Talks To Delegates July 19, 1988
Earl May Poll Sees Dukakis Edging Bush July 19, 1988
Babbitt Tops Straw Poll - During Demo Fundraiser October 25, 1987
High Vote Count Seen October 30, 1988
Demo Edge In C.B. - Carter Lake, GOP Has More Voters In County November 4, 1988
SW Iowa Election Races Heating Up November 5, 1988
78 Percent Vote Turnout Predicted November 7, 1988
Voter Turnout May Set A Record November 8, 1988


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Election, 1988 (National)


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