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Here comes the bunny! Remember when this cry would set the greyhounds into action at Dodge Park? This picture of the Doge Park Kennel Club's track was taken in 1946, the year state officials ruled dog racing was illegal in Iowa. The grandstand…

Bluffs Run
File #2
See also: Iowa West Racing Association

John Nelson (left), president of the Iowa West Racing Association, and Paul Bryant, Jr., president of Alabama-Iowa Management Inc., attended Thursday's meeting of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission at Bluffs Run. Iowa West owns Bluffs Run, which…

George Beno, executive director of Iowa West Racing Association, is pictured in the covered grandstand at Bluffs Run with a poster showing 1987 earnings and payments for the dog track. Track owners say the overall economic impact of racing in…

color photo of Bluffs Run sign, with greyhound logo

Iowa West racing officials announce the new name of the Council Bluffs Greyhound track Wednesday morning. Left to right are Delbert Reed, general manager of Bluffs Run; John Nelson, president of Iowa West Racing Association; and Stan Duysen,…

Groundbreaking ceremonies for Iowa West Greyhound Park in Council Bluffs were held Thursday morning. The park, scheduled to open in Marc 1986, will employ more than 300 persons, officials said. Pictured is the proposed grandstand building.

And they're off...Greyhounds work up to a speed of 45 mph as they bullet around the track, but their endurance cannot match that of a race horse.

Bluffs Run
and Dodge Park Kennel Club & track
File #1 to 8/1/86
See also Iowa West Racing Association

Cocktail waitresses serve a capacity crown in the clubhouse area. Each table also has a monitor.

photo of two muzzled greyhounds running around a curve on tracks. Snow is along edge and in center of track.

photo of man wtih greyhound dog

These greyhounds owned by Gale Kurtz-Jerry Taylor Kennel of Sioux City were the first arrivals at Bluffs Run Tuesday. The Kurtz-Taylor kennel, the first of 16 to arrive, is the only one with Iowa-based ownership. Schooling for the greyhounds begins…

Eric Olsen, of 38 Bluff St., a worked with Anderson Construction, labors on a door in the kennels, where the greyhounds will be housed.

Workers with Ak-Sar-Ben Roofing in Omaha lay down rubber insulation on the roof of the grandstand. (Nonpareil photos by Dan Koenig)

Susanne Reynolds (foreground) and her sister-in-law Debbie Reynolds display the type of greyhounds that will be running at the new Council Bluffs greyhound track. John Seastrom Kennels of Abilene provided the animals and their handlers for the…

...the local track located in what is now Playland Park operated from 1941-1946. patrons purchased "options"on the dogs to get around gambling laws. This photo was taken shortly before the operation was closed for good.
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Photo of two men in overalls, with rakes, overseeing burning of brush in center of the track. Main viewing stand is in background.
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