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Here comes the bunny! Remember when this cry would set the greyhounds into action at Dodge Park? This picture of the Doge Park Kennel Club's track was taken in 1946, the year state officials ruled dog racing was illegal in Iowa. The grandstand…

Bluffs Run
and Dodge Park Kennel Club & track
File #1 to 8/1/86
See also Iowa West Racing Association

...the local track located in what is now Playland Park operated from 1941-1946. patrons purchased "options"on the dogs to get around gambling laws. This photo was taken shortly before the operation was closed for good.
[Written on back:

Written on back: Dog Track
Photo of two men in overalls, with rakes, overseeing burning of brush in center of the track. Main viewing stand is in background.

Type on back of photo: Dodge Park Kennel Club April 20, 1946
Stamped/written: File No. 5421
Sub. Dog Tracks
Date Apr 21 1946

Photo of small building in the middle of the track, viewed from main viewing stands.

Typed on back of photo: Dodge Park Kennel Club, April 20, 1946 FILE
photo of dog track, with overgrown track, building with broken windows
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