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Richard D. Hogan, minister of First Christian Church and president of the Council Bluffs Ministerial Association relaxes in the Quiet Room at Jennie Edmundson Hospital. The Quiet Room is a special parlor sponsored by the Ministerial Association to…

Admiring New Furnishings . . . in a room at Jennie Edmundson Hospital are Miss Dorothy Christensen, and Drs. M.P. Margules, Fred Beaumont and Donald Stroy.

Marching To Meeting Room . . . are Jennie Edmundson nurses Mrs. Luetta Petersen, Mrs. Florence Burke and Mrs. Diantha Haney and INA President Mrs. Virginia Galbreath. Walking behind Mrs. Haney is nurse Mrs. Alberta Anderson and INA consultant I.J.…

Pathologists . . . Dr. Walter Hathaway, left, and Dr. M.H. Kulesh check results of chemical tests made in Jennie Edmundson Hospital laboratory.

Blood Bank . . . includes supply of human blood (left) and equipment for blood typing and testing. Working in lab is Mrs. Robert Ross, co-chief medical technologist.

Expansion Work . . . has begun at Jennie Edmundson Hospital's emergency entrance area. The new construction will extend along this west wall and to the terraced bluffs on the south side of the hospital. A lot attendant and painted signs direct…

Operating Machine . . . which makes complete and accurate blood count is Dr. M.H. Kulesh and Miss Rannells Phyliss at Jennie Edmundson Hospital.

Jennie Edmundson Administrator Edward Lynn . . . walks along the bluff overlooking his hospital which is now expanding its facilities.

Nurses Monitoring Station . . . of new coronary care unit at Jennie Edmundson Hospital is checked by Dr. Nosrat Massih, director, with Mis Lois Gordon, RN, area supervisor at left, and Miss Vasthi Christensen, RN, coordinator of coronary care and…

Arriving At Hospital . . . for treatment are G.H. Smith, 1514 S. 6th St., and Ivan Monrad, 214 S. 34th St., in wheelchair. Dick Christensen, the 'Medi-Bus' driver, helps Monrad down the van's ramp while Raymond Uhlhorn, physical therapist, holds the…

Viewing The Gaping Hole . . . near the Jennie Edmundson Hospital driveway entrance is David Holcomb, assistant administrator.

A Circular Stairway . . . connects the Word Processing Department and the Medical Records Department at the hospital. Holcomb explained the stairway was much cheaper than installing another elevator for the closely-related departments.

This Unique Setting . . . is called a "Conversation Pit" and is located in the Jennie Edmundson doctors' lounge. It is used by doctors or by small groups for discussion periods or coffees. Additional seating arrangements are on the regular level of…

These 30 Young Women . . . will join the ranks of alumnae of the Jennie Edmundson Hospital School of Nursing following graduating exercises Wednesday night. From left, front row, are: Pamela Baumker, Margaret Foreman, Evelyn Hall, Beverly Ross,…

All Is Ready . . . for the grand opening of the Jennie Edmundson Hosptial Gift Shop. Arranging items for display in the new facility are Lois Coons and Barbara Eilers, members of the hospital Auxiliary.

Viewing Programs . . . taped for in-service instruction at Jennie Edmundson Hospital are Charles Mitzenius, patient counselor, and Ray Swift, director of education at the hospital's School of Nursing.

Holding A Team Conference . . . at a nursing station at Jennie Edmundson Hosptial are Mrs. Bonnie Green, Mrs. Leslie Darrington, Mrs. Ramona Gittins and Peter Koontz.

Checking Operations . . . of new waste compactor at Jennie Edmundson Hospital are Katherine Grote, assistant director of housekeeping, Audrey Coffman, director of the Housekeeping Department and Charles Kidder, a custodian.
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