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Holy Family Church . . . has been a longtime landmark on the corner 0f 2300 Avenue B and this month is commemorating its 75th anniversary. When it was founded, it was the only Catholic Church on the west side of Council Bluffs. Few changes have been…

Interior Of The Church . . . sanctuary is a beautiful combination of the old and the new. Its red carpeting seems to unfold for its worshippers at the door, welcoming them inside. The Rev. Samuel Palmer, co-pastor of the parish, stands behind the…

Holy Family Catholic Church . . . located at 2231 Avenue B, has been a fine landmark on this corner site since it was built in 1908. The red brick structure is in the need of new mortar and its pastors, the Very Rev. Msgr. Albert L. Davidsaver and…

History Repeats . . . for Mrs. Mary Schwenk and Mrs. Katherine O'Keefe as they view the cornerstone at Holy Family Church. They were present for the ceremony when the stone was laid 50 years ago. With them is Msgr. William Coughlan, parish pastor for…

This New Addition . . . is being planned at Holy Family School. The four-room addition is at the left and a connecting gymnasium at the right.

The Holy Family Catholic Church
23rd Street and Avenue B

Today...even with a face lifting of new steps, added about 10 years ago, the exterior of Holy Family is much the same as when it was built in 1908.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Another old picture from a collection of Ray Wickham, contractor, shows Holy Family Church being completed in 1908. The unit is located at Avenue B and 23rd St.

Churches H659.tif
Photograph of the exterior of Holy Family Church at 23rd street and Avenue B.
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