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Historic Dodge House located at 605 3rd Street Council Bluffs, IA.

Designation Ceremonies . . . at the former home of Gen. Grenville M. Dodge, 605 Third St., will begin at 3 p.m. today when District Judge Folsom Everest will accept a plaque from the United States Department of the Interior, making the home a…

100 Block of West Broadway Commerical District NR Designation_201312201417455396.pdf
Applications for National Register of Historic Places for sites in Council Bluffs. Sites include St. Peter's Church, Chevra Bnai Yisroel Synagogue, Lincoln/Fairview Historic District, Willow/Bluff Street Historic District, 100 Block of West Broadway,…

LincolnFairview Historic District Part 1_201212310849043328 (4).pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for the Lincoln & Fairview Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.

ParkGlenAvenues Historic District_201212310849304422 (1).pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for the Park / Glen Avenues Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.

WillowBluff3rdStreet Historic District_201212310849491766 (2).pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Willow / Bluff / 3rd Street - Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.

R. L. Polk directory Council Bluffs City Directory 1919.

Photograph of the residence of Gen. G. M. Dodge. 605 South Third Street. Now a registered historic landmark.

Out Of The Past . . . is this bedroom setting in the Dean home. A canopy once topped the four poster bed. The furniture, including the six-foot highboy at left, was added by the Deans but much of it is as old as the house.

This Century-Old Home . . . at 231 Park Ave. is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Abbott Dean. The era of the Civil War survives in its grandiose Georgian architecture.

An Early Sketch . . . shows how the house appeared in the 1880s. Most of its principal features have been preserved to this day. Latticed extension at the rear once served as a summer kitchen.

Massive Kitchen Fireplace . . . is an original feature. Still in use, it served as a combination heating and cooking facility for early occupants of the house. The kitchen floor is brick.

Stairway Design . . . is a good example of the painstaking detail found throughout the house. Leading from the downstairs reception room to upper bedrooms, it is made of solid oak. Massive window at the middle landing is 6 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Historic Home . . . of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jensen has changed very little since the day it was built. House at the left once served as a barn for the impressive dwelling.

Door Dimensions . . . are pointed out by Mrs. Jensen. This unusual door is 2.5 inches thick and 8.5 feet high. It leads from the dining room to a butler's pantry.

First Floor View . . . takes in the front parlor, sitting room and dining room, a distance of about 54 feet. Large sliding doors can be closed to shut off each room.

The Georgian Home . . . of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Peterson has been sitting on the crest of Oakland Ave. since a few years after the Civil War.

Victorian Furnishings . . . abound in the Peterson home. This view from the front parlor takes in the living room and a doorway glimpse of the kitchen. A number of articles shown here are older than the house.

Historic Collection . . . of old furniture includes a matching chaperone's chair and loveseat which were used by the first owners of the house. The sideboard is considerably older than both.
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