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Council Bluffs Changing Scene: There wasn't much to attract the eye when this photograph was taken by James F. McQueen, 100 Third St., in November of 1954. Looking west from Franklin Avenue, just north of Bennett Avenue, a person saw acres of…

Today...the scene has changed completely. Within the last three years, huge dirt hauling machines and bulldozers have changed the face of the area. And builders have developed he site at Franklin and Bennett Avenues into a full scale suburban…

Aerial view of Bennett Avenue from Franklin Avenue, running to Madison Avenue. Franklin Avenue is in the center right of the photo, with Bennett running along the center of the photo. Susan Lane is pictured at the left side.

Aerial photo of Valley View Drive and Mosquito Creek, looking southwest. Interstate 80 is pictured across the upper left, at Franklin Avenue.

About 160 Homes...are planned for this area outside the city limits where Bennett Ave. (the longest one) joins with Franklin Ave. The River Bend Construction Co. plans 119 homes in the area immediately behind the existing line of homes. Thomas…
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