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Roy Berger - Dubuque Track General Manager
Terry Harrmann - President, Dog Racing Association

Looking south on Main Street. In the background is the Town Clock, the unofficial symbol of Dubuque. Relocated in a plaza in 1971, the clock is the hub of a downtown area undergoing redevelopment partially spurred by the track.

A snow-covered Dubuque Greyhound Park, which cost $11 million to construct. Conceived by Durrant Group of Dubuque, the facility was featured in a trade magazine for its design. Capacity is about 6,000, while the Council Bluffs facility will have…

Greyhounds round the bend at the Dubuque Greyhound Park. The dogs, which reach speeds up to 45 miles an hour, are muzzled to prevent them from injuring each other. In the foreground is the lure, controlled by an operator in a booth. - Photo courtesy…
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