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This imposing monument commemorates the heroism of an early Council Bluffs resident who met his death on a Civil War battlefield. It was erected in 1902 by "his comrades and school children of Council Bluffs."

Answer: The Col. William H. Kinsman…

Richard Peterson . . . examines the bore of a cannon at the Kinsman Monument (at left) in Fairview Cemetery. As a youngster playing at the monument site, the Council Bluffs attorney became interested in the weapons which fired 32-pound cannon balls…

At the site . . . of Kinsman Memorial Monument in the Civil War circle, the women are at the very top of Fairview Cemetery.

This Civil War Cannon . . . is now a silent guardian for soldiers buried at Fairview Cemetery. The gun is part of the Kinsman Monument erected following the Civil War in honor of Col. W.H. Kinsman, a Council Bluffs schoolteacher, killed in the war.…

Crumbling Walls . . . around the Civil War veterans' memorial in Fairview Cemetery detract from the appearance of the monument.

The Kinsman monument, in Fairview cemetery, erected as a tribute to Col. W.H. Kinsman, who was fatally wounded in action while leading the 23rd Iowa Infantry against the confederates at Black River bridge, near Vicksburg, Miss., May 17, 1863.

Now that fall has officialyl arrived, this small twig with three leaves attached managed to find itself resting in the protective circle of an old marine cannon. The cannon is one of four that surround the Col. William H. Kinsman monument in…
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