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City Council
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thru 11/19/84
See also: Animal Ordinance
Urban Renewal
Downtown Redevelopment

Photo of Mayor Tom Hanafan and City Council-elect: Stan Grote, Charlie Gross, Philip Meyer, Sam Irwin, Dave Tobias.
[on back of photo:
Council Bluffs
Mayor & City Council-elect
Nov. 3, 1987

Concil Bluffs City Councilman Sam Irwin has filed a petition from 26 residents asking the city to install a sidewalk along Madison Avenue from Palmer Avenue to Bennett Avenue. There are currently no sidewalks on either side of Madison Avenue--a…

Photo looking down on City Hall construction site, looking south; walls are beginning to be build on north side.
On back of photo:
New City Hall
May 2 - 1939

aerial view of the city hall construction site, workers working on 3rd floor framing.
Label on back of photo:
Iowa Works Projects Administration
Date Taken: 10/9/1939
Project No: 3779
County: Pottawattamie; City: Council Bluffs
Title: City…

Photo of east side of City Hall.
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City Building, July 30, 1947
CB City Hall
Art work

Photo of east side of City Hall

Photo of west side (and part of the north side) of City Hall

elevated view of the west side of City Hall

"Our city hall's not so hot," says John Q. Citizen. "It was a classy livery stable fifty years ago, but that doesn't make it a classy city hall today. We could have had a new one practically completed by the WPA by this time if certain local…

After delays of many weeks on the new city hall project at Council Bluffs got under way Monday morning with workers making the lot in readiness for the driving of piles. The first work done Monday morning was moving piling to one side in preparation…

With the WPA working a twelve-hour shift to complete driving of piles on the city hall project within the next fifteen to twenty days, workmen are preparing forms for the foundation concrete. This picture, taken from the fifth floor of the Park…

Construction work on the new city hall building is progressing rapidly, Superintendent Pete Tellander said Saturday. Pouring of columns for the south section of the second floor was started last week. Work is also under way for setting the column…

The above view of the city hall construction work shows workmen completing the laying of brick or the first story at the north wing of the building. The roof for this wing was poured early this week.

Installation of jail equipment in the south wing of the new city hall building was begun for the Southern Prison Company. Work was started in the felon cage, which consists of six cells. R.P. Tellander (left, city hall construction superintendent,…

City Clerk Kennard W. Gardiner...puts his finger in a crack in city hall's roof trim.

Jack Doty, 3005 Avenue J, city employe, was shaking up City Hall as he worked a jack hammer on the old front steps which have been in disrepair for a couple of years. The City Council budgeted $3,000 for replacement of the steps this year, but final…

Last Piling For City Hall...had just been driven when this photo was taken 30years ago. From left in rear are Gordon O'Neill; George Belshaw; unidentified man; Marion O. Hodge; J. Richard Bogue; Richard Barber. Front row: George Hall; Onel Cain;…

City Hall saw a little activity Friday morning as a crane owned by Paulson Construction Company of Council Bluffs lifted an air conditioning unit into place atop the "penthouse."
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