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Simple Game . . . of "kick the can" helped spur interest in sports for Jane, Jeanette and Judy Jerkovich, pictured here with their basketball coach Dick McMahon. The triplets, who comprise one-half of St. Albert's team, have helped in the Saintes'…

"The Candyman" . . . and what could be sweeter than three identical sisters dressed like peppermint sticks doing a song and soft shoe to this favorite tune? Can you tell which is Judy, Jeanette and Jane? In that order they presented their number at…

Ready, Set, Go . . . the same lineup, Judy, Jeanette and Jane are fleet as deer. they ran in the city track meet Monday on relay teams and the medley 400. The girls did well in track at Gunn School in sixth grade. Prior to that they attended St.…

The Melodies Would Have To Be Pretty . . . coming from the light touch on the keys of the pretty and petite Jerkovich triplets. Judy and Jeanette are at the keyboard as Jane pleasantly awaits her turn on the 88.

Snuggled Close . . . as possible to mommy (Mrs. Charles Jerkovich) are her triplet daughters. One of their nurses, Miss Vivian Graeve of Panama, stands by to lend a helping hand. The babies will remain in incubators until their weight reaches at…
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