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Firemen Scramble Up . . . a long power operated ladder to get at the blaze at Goodwill Industries, Inc. from the street front side. Other trucks were fighting the blaze at the rear where smoke is seen issuing at left. Police cleared the street of…

At Goodwill Industries Blaze . . . firemen battle heavy smoke and flames after a flash explosion in the South Main street building.

An aerial ladder is rigged to shoot steady stream of water into the smoldering ruins of the General Wood Works plant at 105 S. 31st St. Firefighters Monday were working to kill fire in stacks of lumber and wood parts. Walls of the building nearest…

Firefighters inspect the house Thursday afternoon when embers in the living room reignited and began smoldering. Authorities said Friday that the fire started in wiring near the charred area above the garage door.

Fires In C.B. File #2 (01-01-1979 to 12-31-1988)

Policemen Guard . . . the ruins of Kirn Junior High School which was extensively damaged by fire early Sunday. This view is looking toward Fifth Avenue and Third Street. The fire is believed to have started in an art room on the third floor at this…

Cleanup Started Thursday . . . to remove rubble from the fire that destroyed Ranks Department Store. Debris from the fallen walls of the building at 325 W. Broadway was scattered half way across Broadway blocking the eastbound traffic lane. City…

Spraying The Smoldering Remains . . . of the Ranks Department Store, 325 W. Broadway, are members of the Council Bluffs Fire Department. The fire, which was discovered about 1 a.m., destroyed the building and an adjoining two-story complex, and…
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