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Collecting And Arranging . . . employee time cards are Marsha Gibb, Jennie Edmundson Hospital payroll clerk, Vickie Petersen and Carole Plummer. After all time cards are collected and accounted for they will be taken to Council Bluffs Savings Bank…

Human Stress . . . is measured at Jennie Edmundson Hospital with this series of machines, including a treadmill. Working on the machine are Allan Zimmerman, an electrocardiogram (EKG) specialist; patient Mrs. Mary J. Stancliffe, 431 Ridge Road; Dr.…

Checking Arthroscope . . . readying it for diagnostic purposes are Mrs. Minnie Thornton, operating room supervisor, and Mrs. Linda Bryson, operating room technician at Jennie Edmundson Hospital.

This Spacious Lounge . . . is a comfortable area to relax for patients to wait their turn to receive medical attention in one of the outpatient areas.

New Neighborhood Additions...such as Midway Manor have resulted from a five-year building boom here. These are some of the 121 homes built in this section. In the background is Roberts Park, also a product of the last 5 years.

Aerial photo, looking north, of Union Pacific Missouri River bridge, with the Omaha Public Power District's Jones Street station pictured in the upper left of the photo.

Aerial photo of Fairmount Park, looking west.

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking west, from about 7th Street toward 16th Street (pre-viaduct).

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking northeast, from about 16th Street to First Street and the First Methodist Church. Landmarks pictured include City Auditorium, Strand Theater, and First Methodist Church.

Aerial photo of the I-29 and I-480 interchange, looking SW toward U.P.R.R.

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking northeast from 8th Street. Landmarks shown include: Post Office/Federal Building, Bayliss Park, the Park Building, the Ogden Hotel, City Auditorium, and First Methodist Church.

Aerial photo of Brentwood Heights area, off Highway 92, looking north. Pictured in the photo are Brentwood Heights, Hwy 92, Kurtwood Drive, Brent Lane, Blaze Lane, Kathryn Drive, Nall Road.

Aerial photo of subdivison at Bennett and McPherson. Pictured are: McPherson Avenue, Bennett Avenue, Arnold Avenue, Adrian Avenue, Beal Street, Robin Road, Mielke Way, Wenwood Circle, Windsor Court, and Abraham Lincoln High School.

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking west from First Street to the viaduct. Landmarks pictured include St. Peter's Catholic Church, the Bennett/Ervin Building, City Hall, the old Courthouse, and Bayliss Park.

Aerial Photo of West Broadway, looking northwest. Area of photo covers from approximately 6th Street and Willow, northeast to 1st Street/Madison Avenue. Buildings pictured include City Hall, the old Public Library, the old County Courthouse,…

Aerial view of Bennett Avenue from Franklin Avenue, running to Madison Avenue. Franklin Avenue is in the center right of the photo, with Bennett running along the center of the photo. Susan Lane is pictured at the left side.

Aerial photo, looking west along West Broadway toward the Missouri River and the Ak-Sar-Ben bridge to Omaha.

Aerial photo of St. Albert High School; McPherson Avenue runs across the upper left corner, Gleason Avenue runs from the top center to the right center of the photo.

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. Twenty-first Street and Avenue H, resembles a neat arrangement of toy building blocks from the air. Hopes at upper left are part of the Phoenix development. At upper right, a string of railroad freight cars is…
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