Jepsen, Roger W. and Dee
Iowa State Senator


Jepsen, Roger W. and Dee
Iowa State Senator


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Jepsen, Roger W. and Dee
Iowa State Senator
Tax Situation Worries GOP Candidate Jepsen February 29, 1968
Lt. Gov. Jepsen Will Speak At Top Man Event January 21, 1969
New Ideas, Not New Taxes February 19, 1969
Jepsen Is Favorite At Convention - Assails Welfare Bureaucrats July 28, 1970
Jepsen Leery Of Over-Reaction - Problem Starts At Home September 22, 1970
At Republican Fund Dinner . . . October 28, 1970
Jepsen Answers Democrat Charges October 28, 1970
For Quality Legislation April 4, 1971
Plan Coffees To Honor Mrs. Jepsen April 14, 1972
Jepsen Opens Bid For Senate March 27, 1978
Jepsen To Seek Senate March 28, 1978
Headquarters For Jepsen Here March 30, 1978
Jepsen Reveals Assets, Debts April 7, 1978
Jepsen Lashes Out At Clark April 13, 1978
Lively GOP Contest For U.S. Senate June 2, 1978
Jepsen To Challenge Liberal Clark June 7, 1978
Jepsen Criticizes Clark Farm Policies Position June 25, 1978
Jepsen: Payoff Charge Is A 'Slanderous Attack' July 29, 1978
Jepsen Reveals More On Assets August 8, 1978
Clark, Jepsen Butt Heads On Africa Issue September 10, 1978
Jepsen Attacks Clark Record September 15, 1978
Senate Race More Than Liberal vs. Conservative - Clark, Jepsen Differ Sharply On Issues November 5, 1978
Jepsen In; Clark Out November 8, 1978
Jepsen Unsure Whether He'll Support Manawa Dredging November 9, 1978
Jepsen Financially Stable - Assets Over $160,000 January 2, 1979
Jepsen Named Assistant Whip For Republicans February 2, 1979
Jepsen Says Senate May Debate Draft February 25, 1979
Jepsen Office May Open Soon June 4, 1979
Military Registration Issue - Culver, Jepsen Opinions Split June 18, 1979
Jepsen Opens Bluffs Office July 2, 1979
On The Call For Jepsen July 3, 1979
Jepsen Opens Bluffs Office August 23, 1979
Jepsen: SALT II Must Be Changed August 24, 1979
Is The SALT II Treaty Going To Do The Job? - Preventing Nuclear Weapon Proliferation; 'There Are No Survivors'; 'Treaty Needs Revisions' August 26, 1979
Jepsen: Cut Tax, Balance Budget November 5, 1979
Task Force Head Named March 14, 1980
Jepsen Named To Loan Group March 18, 1980
Jepsen Opposes Revenue Share Cut March 21, 1980
Jepsen Endorses Reagan - Blasts Iran Crisis Handling April 20, 1980
'Embargo A Shot In The Foot' - Jepsen Still Backs Reaganomics January 17, 1982
Dee Jepsen Is Named To Post August 28, 1982
Let's Chat . . . With Dee Ann Jepsen (circa 1983)
Jepsen 'Running Mate' Active - ' All Aspects Of Campaign' November 4, 1983
Jepsen Group Rakes Harkin November 11, 1983
Jepsen Pushes School Prayer In C.B. Visits March 25, 1984
Jepsen Leads In Campaign Funds May 25, 1984
Dee Jepsen Visits Bluffs June 2, 1984
U.S. Sen. Roger Jepsen Is The Incumbent. June 3, 1984
Jepsen Member Of Three Committees June 5, 1984
Sex Club Probe Involves Jepsen? June 6, 1984
Politicians Split On Impact Of Jepsen Disclosure June 7, 1984
Jepsen Judgement Left Up To Voters June 7, 1984
Unfazed By Jepsen Revelations June 12, 1984
Jepsen Leads Money Race July 20, 1984
Iowa Senate Battle Heats Up - Jepsen: Going On; Harkin: I Run A Race August 1984
Senator's Wife Speaks Out On Women's Issues August 2, 1984
$2.5 Million Spent In Senate Race August 16, 1984
'I'll Set The Agenda In Campaign' August 18, 1984
Jepsen At Full Throttle August 19, 1984
Special Interest Groups: Senator Choice Is Clear August 30, 1984
PACs Play Safe: Donate To Both Harkin, Jepsen September 28, 1984
Nonpareil Survey: Harkin, Jepsen In Tight Senate Race October 7, 1984
Jepsen: Campaign Takes Mental Toll October 19, 1984
Harkin: Jepsen Funding 'Desperate' October 21, 1984
Harkin Smashes Jepsen Re-Election Bid November 7, 1984
Jepsen Gets On With Living November 8, 1984
Jepsen High On PAC Fund List December 24, 1984
Report: Jepsen Out As Head Of Commission April 18, 1985
Jepsen Reaping The Rewards Of Political Loyalty May 13, 1985


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Jepsen, Roger W. and Dee
Iowa State Senator


Council Bluffs, Iowa


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