Council Bluffs City Council Elections File # 1


Council Bluffs City Council Elections File # 1


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Council Bluffs Elections #1
Precinct votes mirror outcome. November 9, 1989
Turnout put at 9 percent. September 9, 1991
Officials predict low voter turnout. October 6, 1991
City Council candidate profiles. October 7, 1991
Irwin, Tobias top primary vote. October 9, 1991
Vote totals puzzle winners; Losers say they'll be back. October 9, 1991
Canvass changes vote totals. October 15, 1991
Voters to quiz council hopefuls. October 19, 1991
Bluffs sports good sign crop. October 29, 1991
Voters to select three City Council members. November 3, 1991
3,968 of 24,800 due at polls. November 4, 1991
Polls for Bluffs city election. November 4, 1991
Irwin, Hansen, Trezona capture council seats. November 6, 1991
Irwin credits 'high profile' for top finish. November 6, 1991
City is billed $1.87 per ballot for primary vote. November 26, 1991
Large field possible in two runoff votes. November 8, 1991
Voters elect councilmen with runoff. December 4, 1991
Resignation time requires special council session. December 17, 1991
Special election is set April 14. January 11, 1992
Grote, three others seek sups posts. February 8, 1992
Primary would be held on March 17. January 13, 1992
Council balks at adding hotel-tax vote to ballot. January 14, 1992
Council filing opens with no takes; Tobias, Brandenburgh express interest in seat held by Johnson. February 3, 1992
Johnson, Tobias and File to face off in city primary. February 28 1992
Filing mix-up clouds Tobias' city candidacy. March 2, 1992
Others won't challenge Tobias' name on ballot. March 4, 1992
Second candidate eyes mayor's race. July 22, 1993
Council picks Amdor. May 2, 1993


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