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Council Bluffs, City of
Cuts would affect every department. January 15, 1985
City sees boom in building. February 16, 1985
CHA Youth, Center to tidy C.B. May 15, 1985
Places to see close to home. June 2, 1985
They've noticed: Parks mowed less. June 8, 1985
City reaches pact with hauling firm for landfill site. July 8, 1985
Audit: Revenues rise 20 percent. July 19, 1985
Bond issue planned for repairs. August 27, 1985
Clinic gets city contract. May 15, 1985
Group adding up petition signatures. October 4, 1985
Gumballs, humor part of $840,000 budget trimming. January 10, 1985
Audit: More than $17,500 spent on city travel costs. August 3, 1986
Council approves sale of Parkwild-area land. September 30, 1986
Second city-engineer applicant withdraws. October 20, 1986
City may hire Omaha labor expert. November 1, 1986
Council OKs bus service for new mall. November 11, 1986
City recreation supervisor resigns. December 22, 1986
City, county seek loans for street work near mall. January 27, 1987
City may add a new union. March 5, 1987
Spoiled pork costs city $30,000. March 9, 1987
City shoots down 'troubleshooter' job. April 14, 1987
75 city workers eligible for union. April 16, 1987
City cleanup set next month. April 17, 1987
Statistically speaking C.B. compares well. September 13, 1987
Receipts down in Bluffs. June 7, 1988
C.B. applies brake to use of vehicles. October 10, 1990.
City denies 'rip-off' claim on trash-fee hike refunds. October 24, 1990
Dec. 31 deadline for trash collection refund. November 18, 1990
City ordered to pay $48,600 for denying firefighter job. December 19, 1990
Pact gives city clerical workers 4% raises. January 24, 1991
Gender bill could cause problems, lead to reshuffling on C.B. boards. March 30, 1991
4- to 5.5% raises proposed for city non-union workers. April 19, 1991


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