Iowa School for the Deaf
Lawsuits, Sex Abuse, Protests


Iowa School for the Deaf
Lawsuits, Sex Abuse, Protests


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Iowa School for the Deaf
Lawsuits, Sex Abuse, Protests
ISD Officials; Charges False July 31, 1978
ISD Charges Are Unfounded - In Regents Report September 21, 1978
ISD 'Opens Doors' To An Investigation October 19, 1983
Area Legislator Will Back ISD October 20, 1983
Hultman Sees No Reason For Investigation of ISD October 27, 1983
ISD Welcomes Ombudsman's Investigation November 10, 1983
Regents' Richey Backs ISD Against Allegations November 15, 1983
Regents Back ISD November 17, 1983
Response Expected In ISD Investigation February 17, 1984
ISD Probe Report Ready For Council March 15, 1984
Parent Wants Report On ISD Probe March 31, 1984
ISD Allegations Unfounded - Ombudsman Report Released April 13, 1984
Davitt Still 'Not At Ease' Over ISD Report April 14, 1984
Report Raps Deaf Services April 15, 1984
Second ISD Probe Nears End April 16, 1984
ISD Parents 'Glad' Investigation Is Over April 19, 1984
ISD Investigation To End Next Week? May 2, 1984
ISD Abuse Probe Still Not Complete May 16, 1984
ISD Probe May Lead To Arrests May 22, 1984
Richter Says ISD Probe Continuing May 25, 1984
Good Year Despite Probes ISD Advisory Group Told June 7, 1984
Arrests Imminent In ISD Probe June 12, 1984
Press Conference On ISD Probe Postponed June 13, 1984
Three Charged In ISD Probe - Sex Abuse, Drug Allegations Made June 14, 1984
Ombudsman, Attorney Praised For ISD Probe June 15, 1984
Regents Blast ISD Probe June 21, 1984
Police Investigating Rape Report At ISD October 4, 1984
No Charges Yet In ISD Rape Case October 25, 1984
No Arrests Planned In ISD Rape Report November 8, 1984
Regents Conduct Annual Meeting At Iowa Deaf November 14, 1984
Policy On Reporting Abuse OK'd November 15, 1984
Oakland Man: ISD Claims Based On Private Information November 23, 1984
Official: ISD Can't Say Much November 26, 1984
Attorney General Gets ISD Claims November 27, 1984
New Charges Possible In Iowa Deaf Probe November 28, 1984
Giangreco: Agencies Provide Conflicting Reports November 28, 1984
ISD Complaint Before Regents December 19, 1984
Sex Abuse May Be Redefined December 19, 1984
Two Resign ISD Posts; Probe Cited As Factor December 21, 1984
Sex Education To Be Topic At ISD Committee Meeting January 19, 1985
Interim Dean Picked January 23, 1985
Probe Of ISD Claims May Continue Through 1985 February 4, 1985
Experts Say 9 Not Too Young For Sex Discussion March 1, 1985
Suits Seek $9.5 Million In ISD Cases June 20, 1985
$5.5 Million Lawsuit Filed Against ISD Alleges Neglect July 18, 1985
Ninth Suit Filed Against ISD August 5, 1985
Building A Home Away From Home January 12, 1986
Couple Accents Pluses In Move To Glenwood January 12, 1986
Taking The Risk For Charlie January 12, 1986
Adjusting To Long-Distance Parenting January 12, 1986
Move To Council Bluffs Means Best Of All Worlds To Couple January 12, 1986
Regents uphold Firing Of Three ISD Teachers May 28, 1987
ISD Abuse Suits Have Court Date November 7, 1987
State Settles ISD Abuse Suit For $2 Million November 9, 1987
ISD Sex Abuse Told November 23, 1987
$700,000 In Fees Paid In ISD Suit November 25, 1987
Lawyers' Fees Total $798,428 After Settlement Of ISD Suit January 14, 1988
'Mainstreaming' Of Deaf Students Is A Mistake, ISD Official Says February 23, 1988
Suit Alleges Sex Abuse At ISD July 26, 1988
Assistant Superintendent Begins New Duties At ISD July 13, 1988
State Seeks Dismissal Of ISD Sex Abuse Suit August 2, 1988
Student's Mother Sues ISD Claiming Son Was Abused August 24, 1988
Judge Overrules Motion In ISD Sex Abuse Case October 25, 1988
ISD Students File 2 Suits, Claim Abuse November 10, 1988
ISD Complaints Unfounded, Says Regents Official January 16, 1989
District Court Dismisses ISD Sex-Abuse Lawsuit March 29, 1989
Four Lawsuits Claim Abuse Of ISD Students June 21, 1989
Former ISD Student Appeals Suit Dismissal July 21, 1989
ISD Psychologist Files Discrimination Lawsuit November 14, 1989
Judge Says ISD Suit Filed Three Years Late February 22, 1990
Trial To Begin In Sex-Bias Suit October 2, 1990
Former Student Seeks $5 Million, Claims ISD Abuse October 10, 1990
$150,000 Award In Bias Suit November 1, 1990
Discrimination Lawsuit Against ISD Dismissed November 2, 1990
Judge Rules Against Woman's Sexual-Discrimination Claim December 4, 1990
High Court Reinstates ISD Suit December 20, 1990
Parents Sue Deaf School In Death Of Daughter, 6 January 29, 1991
ISD Verdict Appealed To High Court February 10, 1991
Court Reinstates ISD Student's Sex-Abuse Suit February 21, 1991
Settlement Hearing Set In ISD Death June 26, 1991
School Spending Questioned January 21, 1992
Johnson Cites High Audit Costs January 21, 1992
Deaf School Head Defends Spending - Lawmakers Rap ISD Chandelier, Country Club Membership, Maid Service January 29, 1992
Settlement Reached In ISD Abuse Suit February 25, 1992
Judge Asked To Reduce Jury Verdict June 25, 1992
ISD Investigates Charge Against Staff Member May 29, 1993
ISD Not Alone In ASL Battle May 8, 1994
ISD Parent Questions Tactics Used By Protesters May 9, 1994
Teachers Say Deaf Students Need English To Succeed May 10, 1994
Alumni Say ISD Has Lost Focus In Educating Deaf May 11, 1994
Group Wants ISD Mainstreaming To End May 12, 1994
'Students Need ASL Before English' May 13, 1994
Deaf Education Issues Not Limited To ISD May 14, 1994
Johnson: ISD Seeks Quality May 15, 1994
Auditors Question ISD Count - Vehicles' Use, Meal Expenses Also Flagged July 2, 1994


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Iowa School for the Deaf
Lawsuits, Sex Abuse, Protests


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