Clarinda, Iowa--File #2


Clarinda, Iowa--File #2


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Clarinda, Iowa
File #2
Clarinda festival set for this week. October 1, 1984
In Clarinda, calls come to Santa from everywhere. December 24, 1986
Antiques and active chambers keep towns from 'going to dust'. April 26, 1987
Jobs to roll into Clarinda with ball bearing plant. April 29, 1987
Clarinda storm cleanup begins. July 10, 1987
Page fair opens Thursday. July 27, 1988
Clarinda elects new councilman. August 17, 1980
Japanese plant boosts Page's economy. August 20, 1987
Japanese company opens Iowa plant. May 20, 1988
Clarinda firm buys bank in Humboldt. September 9, 1983
Man gets 30 days in jail. December 22, 1988
$182,000 is awarded for bonfire injuries. March 17, 1989
Clarinda man faces rape charge. February 1, 1990
Clarinda 'In the Moo' for Glen Miller Fest. June 9, 1990
Blanchard man charged with drunk driving in fatality. August 1, 1990
Murder trial ruling awaited. August 19, 1990
Commission to take up Page case. October 1, 1990
SWI town seeking Japan investment. October 7, 1990
Clarinda seeks funds for water extension. October 28, 1990
Clarinda will host stockmen. November 16, 1990
Plant closing surprises Clarinda. November 13, 1990
Minor injuries in 9-vehicle collision west of Clarinda. December 6, 1990
Museum on big bands planned for Clarinda. January 30, 1991
Substance-abuse programs could close. February 3, 1991
Shooting death is investigated. April 15, 1991
Clarinda man dies in crash. April 15, 1991
Conspiracy charge planned in Beal murder. July 5, 1991
Driver injured when car hits bridge. August 12, 1991
Page attorney ready to wrap u Beal case. August 17, 1991
Vandals shut down school at Clarinda. February 4, 1991
Clarinda High School open again. February 5, 1992
Clarinda school car recovered. February 7, 1992
Teens' court date set for school vandalism. February 19, 1992
Bank fun to help with medical bills. February 22, 1992
Celebrity contributes $150,000 for Clarinda community center. March 12, 1992
Innocent plea entered in shooting death. May 28, 1992
Courthouse gets new life. December 11, 1993
Voters OK bonds to renovate courthouse. August 8, 1992
Victory emerges from disaster. April 25, 1993
Company Taylor--Made for growth; Easy going plant spurs production. April 25, 1993
Mixed reviews for Clarinda plan. February 27, 1994


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