Chopra, Raj


Chopra, Raj


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Chopra, Raj
9005 Greenway Lane
Shawnee Mission, KIs 66215
$39,500 salary okay. June 25, 1978
Board makes bid for school chief. June 13, 1978
Chopra accepts superintendency. June 14, 1978
Busy day for school chief. June 19, 1978
Chopra contract awaits formalities. July 5, 1978
New school head ready to face C.B. challenges. June 18, 1978
Superintendent walking, talking. June 21, 1978
Board still eyeing salary for Chopra. June 22, 1978
Chopra: I'll stress positive; Superintendent wants improved education. July 23, 1978
A good start for Raj Chopra; Thinking out loud. August 4, 1978
Cheers for Raj Chopra. August 8, 1978
Chopra calls for community unity. August 11, 1978
Chopra to buy a home. October 16, 1978
Chopra conquers negative with a kind word; Day with superintendent is a busy one. October 29, 1978
Chopra for reduction in personnel. November 5, 1978
Life pretty good for kids of Council Bluffs leaders. February 14, 1979
Toastmasters honor Chopra. April 19, 1979
Chopra to speak at school's program. May 29, 1979
Chopra may serve without assistant. June 14, 1979
Chopra rides positivism wave; After 1st year as school head. June 17, 1979
Chopra wants school addition. June 28, 1979
Chopra's mom shocked; Culture shocked that is. August 26, 1979
Raj Chopra is selected 'Educator of the Year.' December 28, 1979
Top educator. January 5, 1980
Chopra named top educator. January 23, 1980
Chopra to speak at national meeting. April 10., 1980
Chopra accepts 3-year contract. April 16, 1980
Soggy audience hears Chopra's tale; Superintendent's story time. May 17, 1980
Chopra to spread word in Arkansas, Kentucky. July 23, 1980
Chopra expects to leave when ambition moves him. August 10, 1980
Chopra vision helps mend schools; Speaking to Lincoln, Neb. workshop. September 28, 1980
Chopra to get contract offer. February 18, 1981
Chopra is beef booster. March 12, 1981
School offers Chopra $55,000 for 1981-82
Chopra is eyed for N.C. post. June 24, 1981
Chopra still likes CB job. June 26, 1981
Chopra withdraws from N.C. July 14, 1981
Chopra eyed for Omaha school post. September 24, 1981
Chopra not a declared candidate; for Omaha Schools superintendency. September 25, 1981
Chopra is in running for position in Ohio. December 4, 1987
Chopra accepts new pact. April 8, 1982
Bowling Green honors Chopra. May 6, 1982
On the road with Raj; 50-60 speeches a year. May 17, 1982
Chopra eyes position in Kansas City area. June 30, 1982
Shawnee Mission to decide Friday? July 1, 1982
Decision awaited. July 2, 1982
Chopra pondering offer at Shawnee. July 6, 1982
Chopra accepts Shawnee offer. July 11, 1982
Chopra will seek release. July 12, 1982
Chopra released from contract on 7-0 vote. July 14, 1982
Chopra family looks ahead to a new life; Goals are important to superintendent's family. July 18, 1982
Curriculum is accomplishment; Chopra approaches final days. August 11, 1982
One last goodbye...Raj Chopra leaves the Bluffs. October 25, 1982
School Board sendoff for Chopra. October 26, 1982
Chopra in temporary 567-a-day 'bonanza.' December 22, 1982
Article by Raj Chopra received mixed reviews in Council Bluffs. April 10. 1983
Chopra firing report 'false.' June 3, 1984
Chopra: Didn't mean to rap Bluffs in his book. August 5, 1984


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