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School Faces Lawsuit To Halt Enrolling Child With Herpes October 18, 1984
School Awaits Ruling On Herpes Case October 19, 1984
DPI To Schools: Herpes Child Must Be Enrolled October 22, 1984
School Officials To Announce Plans Thursday On Enrolling Herpes Child October 24, 1984
School Officials Delay Herpes Child Decision October 25, 1984
2 1/2 -Year-Old With Herpes To Start School In January November 7, 1984
CBEA To Seek Hearing To Bar Girl With Herpes November 8, 1984
Medical Expert Discusses Herpes At School Meeting November 13, 1984
New Twist To Herpes Lawsuit November 14, 1984
Lawyer: Herpes Child Not In CB November 15, 1984
Parents May Boycott School If Herpes Child Is Enrolled November 16, 1984
Herpes Expert: OK To Enroll Child November 19, 1984
School Officials, Parents To Meet On Herpes Issue November 21, 1984
Vandals Target Parents' Group Leaders November 27, 1984
Judge Allows Mother To Enter Herpes Lawsuit December 11, 1984
Hearing On Herpes Child Resumes Friday December 27, 1984
Mother Of Child To Testify By Phone December 29, 1984
Parents Unsatisfied With Herpes Answers November 30, 1984
Hearing Scheduled On Herpes II Case December 18, 1984
Court Seeks Facts On Herpes In School Case December 20, 1984
Doctor: Most People Are Herpes Carriers December 21, 1984
AEA Staffer Endorses Enrollment For Child With Herpes Disease December 28, 1984
Judge Says He'll Decide Fate Of Herpes Child Within 3 Days December 31, 1984
Ruling: Girl With Herpes Can Be Enrolled In School January 2, 1985
Parents, Teachers Schedule Meetings On Herpes Ruling January 3, 1985
Lepley: School As Usual Monday At Longfellow January 4, 1985
Appeal Plans Put On Shelf January 5, 1985
Focus On Herpes Case May Sharpen January 6, 1985
58 Percent Of Longfellow Students Absent Monday January 7, 1985
School's Attendance Up, But Boycott Continues January 8, 1985
Doctor: Main Culprit Is 'Public Paranoia' January 8, 1985
Absentee Rate Shrinks Further January 9, 1985
Longfellow Attendance Near Normal January 10, 1985
Herpes Case Draws Attention Of Media In Other Parts Of Nation January 10, 1985
Our Responsibility And Its Burdens January 11, 1985
All Preschoolers To Be Checked January 14, 1985
Child With Herpes Is Enrolled January 15, 1985
Herpes Hotline To Be On Cable January 16, 1985
Mother Claims Privacy Invasion In Lawsuit January 19, 1985
Hearing Set In Herpes Suit February 6, 1985
Trial In Herpes Lawsuit Delayed February 11, 1985
Life At Longfellow School Nearly Normal February 15, 1985
Families Teach At Home, Away From 'Secular' Schools February 15, 1985
Controversy Over Herpes Reaches 'Watching' Stage April 29, 1985
Controversy Over Longfellow Girl With Herpes Fades January 19, 1986
Herpes Case Settlement Paid August 4, 1987


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