Farm Crisis 1985


Farm Crisis 1985


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Farm Crisis 1985
Senate: 'State Of Emergency' Exists In Iowa Agriculture January 18, 1985
Bedell To Farmers: Make Some Noise January 18, 1985
Branstad May Still Declare Emergency January 18, 1985
The Tractors Were The Last To Go January 18, 1985
House Declares Farm 'Emergency' January 25, 1985
Many Farmers Are Facing A Harvest Of Despair January 25, 1985
Branstad: Must Restructure Farm Debt January 26, 1985
Sales Tax Hike Proposed To Help Fund Farm Aid January 31, 1985
Government Pressured On Ag Crisis January 31, 1985
Delayed Farm Tax Payments Pushed February 1, 1985
Butz: Farm News Misleading February 1, 1985
Farm Credit Trade-Off Offered February 1, 1985
Service For Strapped Farmers To Begin February 2, 1985
No Endorsement Of Ban On Forced Sales February 3, 1985
Iowans Wonder If Point Is Well Taken February 3, 1985
Wanted: $3 Billion To End 'Nightmare' February 3, 1985
Special Plan Intended To Help With Spring Planting February 3, 1985
Reaction Mixed To Boost In Sales Tax February 5, 1985
Lounsberry: 'Security Fund" Would Guarantee Farm Loans February 5, 1985
Audubon Farm Seized; Half Of Farms May Fail February 8, 1985
Leaders Pledge Fast Action On Farm Bill February 9, 1985
House Leaders Unveil Farm Bailout Plan February 9, 1985
Farm Crisis Hits Home For Treynor Father, Son February 10, 1985
Farm Pressures Weigh On Officials February 11, 1985
Grassley: Reagan Budget Inconsistent February 11, 1985
Little Unity Cited On Farm Crisis February 11, 1985
Branstad: Change Law On Farm Foreclosures February 12, 1985
Farmers' Soup Line Ribs Prime Lenders February 12, 1985
Lawmakers Scramble On Eve Of Midwestern Farm Meeting February 13, 1985
Farm Package ' A Band-Aid, Not A Solution' February 13, 1985
Study: Iowa Farm Crisis More Severe February 15, 1985
Bells To Ring For Farm Crisis February 16, 1985
Leaders Say Rally Has 'Its Own Life' February 21, 1985
Farmers Use Service To Seek Financial Help February 24, 1985
Branstad Calls For Commission To Study Long-Term Farm Policy February 25, 1985
Farmers Rally 'To Keep Pressure On' February 27, 1985
Organizers Successful In Making Farm Rally A Major Media Event February 28, 1985
Rally, Legislation Draw Attention To Farm Crisis - Minnesotan's Speech Yields A Bumper Crop Of Applause February 28, 1985
Rally Termed A Success February 28, 1985
Opinions Plentiful At Rally February 28, 1985
Farm Aid Legislation Faces Veto - White House Threatens To Veto Farm Aid Legislation February 28, 1985
Activist: Food Stamps Help Ease Farm Budget March 3, 1985
Lightfoot: 'At This Point, Everyone Is Regrouping' March 7, 1985
Iowa Officials Bitter Over Farm Bill Veto March 7, 1985
Harl: Tax Increase Unpopular But Would Help Farm Economy March 20, 1985
Farm Loan Program A Hoax Says Bedell April 10, 1985
Branstad Will Invoke Limited Farm Sale Ban April 19, 1985
Branstad To Host Farm Conference April 22, 1985
Farm Issue Left Unsolved As 1985 Session Closes May 5, 1985
Study: Farm Families Endure 'Profound Pain And Suffering' May 7, 1985
Farmers Seeking Mental Health Help Due To Higher Stress June 27, 1985
Harkin Says Farm Crisis Goes Beyond Economics July 1, 1985
Harkin Bill Gives Farmers Choice August 5, 1985
Farm Crisis Threatens Rural Schools August 13, 1985
Branstad Triggers Foreclosure Moratorium October 1, 1985
Branstad Braces For Moratorium Fight October 2, 1985
Farmers: Plan Won't Help Everyone October 2, 1985
Bankers: No Major Impact Here October 2, 1985
Moratorium At A Glance: October 2, 1985
Trouble Down On The Farm - Farm Credit Official: We'll Abide By Action October 3, 1985
Block Denounces Bedell's Farm Referendum Plan October 3, 1985
Church's Role Grows As Farm Economy Falters October 6, 1985
Oakland Pastors Try To Ease Pain Of Crisis October 7, 1985
Pastor Tries Radical Ways October 7, 1985
Food Pantry Use Is Up October 7, 1985
Feelings Surface In Rural 'Kinship' Meetings October 8, 1985
Farmers' Spiritual Group Started In Harlan October 9, 1985
Farm Couple Finds It Can Help Others Through Crisis October 9, 1985
Hearing Highlights Transition Problems Of Dislocated Farmers November 16, 1985
Killings Prompt More To Call Hotline December 10, 1985
Reagan Will Sign 1985 Farm Bill - Reviews Mixed For Massive Five-Year Bill December 19, 1985
Measure Elicits No Rejoicing In Iowa Camp December 19, 1985
Congress Oks Bill To Rescue Ailing FCS December 19, 1985
Here's A Summary Of Massive 1985 Farm Bill December 19, 1985
FmHA Decision 'Should Provide Hope' January 20, 1986
Area Farmers To Receive Double Of 1985 Subsidies December 29, 1986
Joint Farm Marketing 'Could Save Family Farms,' Farm Leaders Say January 7, 1987
Farm Families Take 'SAFE' Steps January 12, 1987
U.S. Farm Committee 'Hears Reality' In Iowa February 11, 1987
Shelby Sheriff Arrests 19 In Harlan Farm Protest February 24, 1987
Shelby Farm Sale Protesters Defend Actions As 'God's Law' April 9, 1987
Farm Sale Protesters Found Guilty; $75 fines, Jail Sentences Meted Out April 10, 1987
Protester Sent To Jail In Farm Foreclosure April 10, 1987
Grandma: Stay In Jail Worth It Anyone Helped April 19, 1987
Mills County Teams Up To Help With Ag-Related Stress Problems August 11, 1987
Bankruptcy Law Change Called Plus For Farmers August 27, 1987
Iowa Posts Driest January - June With Corn Prospects Termed Poor August 2, 1988
Farmers Union Officers Re-elected August 3, 1988
Not All Hurting On Farm August 3, 1988
SWI Farmers Face Harvesting Choice September 7, 1988


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Farm Crisis 1985


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