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County Extension Service Has Answers To Problems, Questions January 25, 1965
No Salary For Busy County Extension Council Members February 10, 1965
Extension Group Names Council December 9, 1966
Teaching, Serving Area For 50 Years - Extension Service Role . . . March 10, 1968
Eight Men Serve As Directors March 10, 1968
Extension Service Marks Its Golden Anniversary - Established During World War I March 10, 1968
50 Years Of Extension Service - Through The Years March 10, 1968
Extension Notes 50th Anniversary - Members Celebrate March 14, 1968
New-Fangled Idea Worked - Back In 1917-18 May 3, 1970
Extension Council Elects New Members November 23, 1972
Pottawattamie Extension Office Moves Thursday February 15, 1976
Parent Important Cog - Promote Good Self-Image February 21, 1977
Many Hours Of Fun Come From Home Materials - All Is Needed Is A Little Imagination February 22, 1977
Safety School Planned For Pottawattamie Youth February 23, 1977
'Purple Cows' Fun On Summer Recreation Menu June 5, 1977
Eviction Notice Given To County Extension Group June 17, 1977
County Extension Given More Time July 1, 1977
Extension Role Still Expanding April 30, 1978
Good Scout Looks For Bugs - Program To Help Pest Management August 2, 1981
New Extension Director Asks Only Small Things September 27, 1981
Computer Key To Farm Future? April 29, 1984
Area Extension Supplements Aid June 14, 1984
Students Learn What Its Like To Grow Old November 18, 1984
Family Fun Offered June 19, 1985
Bluffs Extension Office To Close Dec. 31 May 21, 1986
Cutbacks Force Area Extension Office To Close June 20, 1986
Open House To Show Off New Extension Offices September 30, 1987
Extension Service Launches Teen Parenting Program December 9, 1987
New Extension Provost Charts Course At Pottawattamie Visit September 27, 1990


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