Everest, George Folsom & Elsie


Everest, George Folsom & Elsie


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Everest, George Folsom & Elsie
Col. Everest Waits Till He "Sees Whites Of Eyes" And Gets Rare Birds November 6, 1927
Everest Heads The Corp. January 18, 1928
Colonel Everest Proved Bravery January 29, 1928
Local Firm Retained In $1,500,000 Lawsuit July 21, 1932
Everest Named To Anniversary Board May 5, 1936
Everest Is Shifted To 168th Infantry October 28, 1936
Veterans Charge Tinley Seeks To Promote Everest November 28, 1936
Tinley Silent On Everest's Boost November 29, 1936
Everest Boost Up To Haynes November 30, 1936
Everest Named Commander Of 168th Infantry December 1, 1936
Everest Has Long Military Record - Enlisted In Guard In July 1917 May 12, 1938
High Officers Attend Banquet February 17, 1939
Enlisted Men Honor Officers - Salute To Tinley, Ross and Tillotson Junel22, 1939
At Legion Meeting January 23, 1941
After Many Years, Everest Would Dump First Name February 3, 1941
This Is Col. Folsom Everest, Commander Of The 168th Inf. May 10, 1941
Commander March 5, 1942
Local Officer Rode With King June 29, 1942
Iowa Soldiers Give King A Ride June 30, 1942
Assign Everest To General Staff - Relieved Of Regimental Command July 25, 1942
Speaker July 3, 1945
Croix de Guerre To Col. Everest October 24, 1945
Everest To Take Iowa Legal Post - Will Sever Ties With Local Firm October 14, 1947
Everest To Head 134th Division Group September 18, 1951
Everest Elected Division Trustee (1951?)
Everest Says Not Renamed - Adds Countryman Is Within Rights December 4, 1954
Folsom Everest To Open Law Office January 12, 1956
Everest Named By County GOP - Succeeds Stuart As Committee Head February 24, 1956
District Judgeship To Folsom Everest - Named By Gov. Leo Hoegh . . . March 7, 1956
Judge Everest To Start Monday - GOP Must Select New County Chief March 8, 1956
Judge Everest Takes Office - Bar Assn. Attends Brief Ceremony March 9, 1956
Judges Johnson, Everest To Run - Seek Nomination At GOP Convention April 5, 1956
GOP Nominates Johnson, Everest - Judicial Convention Takes 7 Minutes August 2, 1956
Streamlined Judicial System Would Eliminate Lower Courts - Judge Everest Explains Plan Of Iowa Bar Assn. March 23, 1958
Training Mission Turns Into Full-Blown War For The 168th - S.W. Iowans Chalk Up Enviable Record February 5, 1961
New Historical Society Elects - Will Be Headed By Judge Everest March 13, 1961
Two Of City's Generals Knew Dodge As Children October 25, 1963
34th Inf. Group Honors Everest November 21, 1964
Retirement Not For These C.B. Septuagenarians February 5, 1967

Obituaries - Mrs. Elsie Everest June 7, 1969
Bar Group To Eye Judge Possibilities - For Successor
to Everest July 3, 1969
Bar Association Honors Retiring Judge Everest November 8, 1969
Southwest Iowa Judge Everest Dies At Age 83 June 28, 1978


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Everest, George Folsom & Elsie


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