Branstad, Terry E. and Christine


Branstad, Terry E. and Christine


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Branstad, Terry E.& Christine
Gov of Iowa 1983
Candidate plugs farm background. December 8, 1977
Republicans seek Ray 'think-alike.' May 21, 1978
Branstad, Palmer vie for No. 2 spot. November 1, 1978
Legislature '79 call predictable. May 20, 1979
Branstad 'likely' to run if Gov. Ray steps down. May 2, 1981
Branstad opens his campaign. February 28, 1982
Republican fund-raiser. July 25, 1982
Branstad tries to target priorities. September 9, 1982
The governor at Blue Star. July 7, 1983
Branstad tours Bluffs businesses. July 7, 1983
Branstad approaches his 100th day in office; An admitted workaholic. April 22, 1983
'Sir Terry' knighted in C.B. June 6, 1984
Branstad hails city's 'war chest.' October 12, 1984
Capitol moved to Bluffs for day by Branstad. October 18, 1984
Governor views local option tax. October 20, 1984
Branstad eases farm taxes. December 29, 1984
Branstad says Iowans are 'innocent victims.' January 15, 1985
Budget proposal highlights. January 24, 1985
Branstad: No 'big negatives' in bill. April 13, 1985
Branstad dislikes ag bill. May 3, 1985
Branstad; Nation's kid governor balances family, work. May 12, 1985
Education is topic of Peres, Branstad talk. June 20, 1985
Branstad meets with pope. June 29, 1985
Branstad says he was close to defaulting on farm loan. July 29, 1985
Branstad says trade sanctions may be needed., August 6, 1985
Branstad is picked for group that will boost ag awareness. August 6, 1985
Branstad to chair agriculture panel. August 7, 1985
Branstad in Bluffs on Monday. September 29, 1985
Branstad says tourism a key to progress. October 1, 1985
Branstad: Farm policy 'insensitive.' October 14, 1985
Branstad campaigns for reorganization. December 5, 1985
Branstad: Choices were tough. January 16, 1986
Branstad vows fight for plan. January 20, 1986
Branstad not bubbly over drinking age. May 28, 1986
Branstad vows to debate at Bluffs campaign stop. March 22, 1986
Branstad, GOP winners hit stump early. June 4, 1986
Branstad hopes to spread Bluffs boom to rest of state. September 23, 1986
Siegrist says streamlining can be done. December 4, 1986
Branstad wants to bury battles. January 24, 1989
Branstad to 'blitz' Omaha's businesses. March 14, 1987
Branstad to address service clubs. August 31, 1987
Branstad cites need to cut taxes, raps tax task force recommendations. September 9, 1987
Branstad confident legislature will approve teach pay hike. December 10, 1987
Branstad braced for budget fight. January 23, 1988
Branstad sets school visits, two C.B. speeches Monday. April 21, 1988
Branstad airs welfare plan here. June 9, 1988
Branstad will present award to C.B. group. May 22, 1987
Branstad denies Avenson charge of hiring 'cheap-shot' campaigner. September 1, 1989
Branstad launhces C.B. drug fight. October 5, 1989
Branstad lauds C.B. drug fight. August 2, 1990
Hester terms 'witch hunt' inquiry against Branstad. October 10, 1990
Branstad: Iowa doesn't need casino-style development. January 25, 1991
State employees picket Branstad visit in Bluffs. January 21, 1992
Branstad likes 60% bond OK., March 10, 1992
Branstad's Bluffs visit sets stage for special session. May 19, 1992
Budget $249.5M in red. May 6, 1993
Branstad signs new abuse law. May 26, 1993
Part of welfare reform plan doomed by federal officials. June 8, 1993
Branstad son arrested after Jeep crash. June 8, 1993
Extra issues 'complicate' gaming plan. June 9, 1993
Branstad pitches campaign. February 3, 1994
Branstad may sign gambling changes. February 11, 1994
Branstad blasts opponents. March 6, 1994
Business tax breaks Branstad's top goal. April 30, 1994
Branstad: Gross won't be paid. July 12, 1994
GOP tax cut plan unveiled. August 15, 1994
Branstad willing to intervene; says county should be part of casino selection process. August 24, 1994


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