Auditorium, Civic (Civic Center)


Auditorium, Civic (Civic Center)


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Auditorium, Civic (Civic Center)
City Projects To Cost $2,513,000 - Are Being Planned for Next Few Years April 16, 1950
Big Need For New Auditorium - To Serve This Community March 18, 1951
Auditorium Needs Three Units - Should Contain Arena, Theater, and Stage March 18, 1951
Crying Need For Multiple-Use Auditorium - Dozens of School Activities Present March 19, 1951
Enthusiastic Response To Theater- Auditorium Plan March 19, 1951
Adequate Auditorium Is Essential To Happiness, Prosperity of Community March 20, 1951
New, Modern Auditorium Would Cost Average Homeowner Under $5 a Year - About price of Dress Shirt March 21, 1951
Auditorium Must Have Adequate Parking - Several Possible Sites Suggested March 22, 1951
Planning Group Endorses Proposed City Auditorium March 23, 1951
JayCees Favor Auditorium Plan - Say Project Would Be Great Benefit To City March 23, 1951
To Ask Vote On Proposed Auditorium - Civic Committee Formed March 23, 1951
To Ask Schools Call Auditorium Election - To Circulate Petitions Soon March 27, 1951
Bluffs Has Lowest Government Costs of Big Iowa Cities March 28, 1951
Starts Work For Auditorium Vote - 407 Signatures Are Needed On Petitions March 28, 1951
Opposition Appears To Auditorium - Board Issues Statement March 29, 1951
Calls Meeting On Civic Auditorium - Seeks to Establish Uniformity of Purpose April 1, 1951
To Study Financing of Civic Auditorium - No Question About Need April 6, 1951
To Ask Meetings on Civic Center - Committee To Study City, School Finances April 10, 1951
Two-way Plan Is Offered To School Board - Would Let Voters Express Opinions on Schools, Auditorium April 18, 1951
Auditorium Group To Make Report at May 7 Meeting - All Interested Groups Invited April 24, 1951
Views Differ on Auditorium Plan - Hannan, Dr. Treynor Discuss Proposals April 25, 1951
Mayor's Group Steps Up Study - Hears Report On Lincoln Auditorium April 24, 1962
3,233 Sign Petition For A Memorial Auditorium - Call For Election On Bond Issue August 19, 1963
Petitions For Auditorium Void August 20, 1963
Auditorium Committee Is Back At Starting Line August 21, 1963
Memorial Bldg. Petition To City - Second Drive Nets 2,247 Signatures August 26, 1963
Whittaker Asks Public Reaction September 6, 1963
Meeting Set On Auditorium September 14, 1963
Indian Creek Program Vs. Auditorium September 15, 1963
Auditorium Wouldn't Affect City Projects - Could Have Creek Program, Too - Whittaker September 25, 1963
Don Filbert Launches Attack Against Auditorium Proposal - 44 Persons At Meeting September 28, 1963
Altrusans Hear Debate On Memorial Auditorium - Wilson Vs. Filbert October 9, 1963
Schools Would Use Proposed Auditorium For Some Events - Board Backs Chamber - With Reservations October 11, 1963
Debate: Does City Need An Auditorium? October 27, 1963
Auditorium Debate: What Type Of Building? October 28, 1963
Auditorium Debate: Where Will It Be Built? October 29, 1963
What Will The Veterans Auditorium Be Used For? - Fourth In Debate Series October 30, 1963
Auditorium Bond Issue - Fifth In Debate Series October 31, 1963
Auditorium Cost Debated - Sixth in Series November 1, 1963
VFW Opposes Auditorium Plan November 2, 1963
Debate Effect Of Bond Issue - Seventh In Auditorium Series November 2, 1963
Better Way Of Financing? - Auditorium Debate November 3, 1963
Rebuttal On Auditorium - Last of Debate Series November 4, 1963


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Auditorium, Civic (Civic Center)


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