Council Bluffs Public Library File #3


Council Bluffs Public Library File #3


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Iowa West's pledge of $125,000 puts library campaign near goal. No date.
New library plan devised. March 6, 1988
Bookmark contest for young readers. April 22, 1988
Program offers kids 'fantasy and wizards'. July 6, 1988
Arizona couple's donation tells library patrons 'the way it was'. July 12, 1988
Smock: New library our priority. August 14, 1988
C.B. eyes mall site for library. September 15, 1988
No decision on Younkers library site. September 17, 1988
Library building a topic. September 21, 1988
Board discusses 2 sites offered for new library. September 22, 1988
C.B. board to discuss increasing book fees. October 2, 1988
Beno buy for a library put on hold. October 3, 1988
City counci lto hear plans for new library. October 8, 1988
Book fines raised at C.B. Library. October 20, 1988
Younkers library site out. October 20, 1988
C.B. Library to get classic tapes. November 17, 1988
Friends of C.B. Library plan year-long promotion. December 16, 1988
Friends of Library plan recruitment. December 25, 1988
C.B. Library Friends plan newcomes' night. January 12, 1989
C.B. ranks dead last in public-library use. January 19, 1989
Younkers store is out of running for C.B. library. January 19, 1989
Free C.B. service, library's computer links patrons to 300 data bases. March 1, 1989
Cuts 'frustrate' library, board delays budget OK. March 16, 1989
Library survey shows interest in do-it-yourself publications. May 11, 1989
New-library panel to look at financing. July 20, 1989
C.B. library joins open-access program. October 2, 1989
Study cites groundswell support for new library. December 21, 1989
Mayor propose 0.9% cut in city's library funding. February 22, 1990
Mildred Smock honored for community leadership. October 13, 1990
Site search drops for a new library. October 12, 1990
Library eyes site downtown. October 30, 1990
Plans unveiled for new library. November 1, 1990
Library mailing fishes for contributors. November 20, 1990
Early library response 'good'. November 22, 1990
Library fund drive hits halfway mark. December 12, 1990
C.B. Library last in loans, spending. December 21, 1990
Chamber backs new library. January 23, 1991
Obstacles 'no barrier' to library. January 23, 1991
Why Midlands Mall rejected. February 3, 1991
Library gears up for vote. February 6, 1991
Funding for library not included. February 8, 1991
Private library donations top $3 million. February 12, 1991
Close vote seen on library bond issue. February 21, 1991
Regan, Minikus and Beaman write top library essays. February 22, 1991
20 percent may vote on new library. February 25, 1991
New library nixed; reactions mixed. February 27, 1991
Canvass narrows gap in bond-issue defeat. March 5, 1991
Bar-coded cards may foil Omaha library exchanges. March 21, 1991
Library vote plan considered. March 21, 1991
Library pledges still up in air. April 2, 1991
Library more than just books. April 15, 1991
Community meeting is set April 30 to discuss library. April 20, 1991
Board hears options for new library. May 1, 1991
Library puts out reading contracts. June 14, 1991
Branch library costs too high, Smock says. June 27, 1991
Library questions to be answered at second forum. June 24, 1991
Discussion on library sites expected at Thursday forum. July 23, 1991
New C.B. cards allow use of Omaha library. July 31, 1991
Library board is taking a fresh look at Midlands Mall. January 23, 1992
Council Bluffs library offers new business memberships. February 2, 1992
Library can access newspapers. May 9, 1992
Users give library good marks. May 13, 1993
Friends sell 3,000 books to give boost to library. August 2, 1992
Madonna's new 'Sex' book not available at libraries. November 10, 1992
Library project proposed. September 20, 1993
Cost to gird library floors at $175,000. November 18, 1993
Bluffs readers will have to pay in Omaha. February 22, 1994
Library limits some book checkouts. June 30, 1994
Panel eyes solution to library woes. June 30, 1994
Study panel focuses on library's services. August 9, 1994
Bluffs library group eyes four sites. August 19, 1994
Accessibility an issue in library search. September 7, 1994
Panel weighs options for new public library. September 16, 1994
Developer lobbies for mall library. October 14, 1994
Function comes first for library. October 28, 1994
Group picks city land for library. November 11, 1994
Library Board accepts site recommendation. November 17, 1994
Library groups wrestles with funding plans. December 9, 1994


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Council Bluffs Public Library File #3


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