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10 N 15th.tif
Photograph of 10 North 15th St.


100 block E Washington.tif
Photograph of 100 block East Washington Ave (between N. 1st & Harrison)


100 North.tif
Two photographs of 100 North Ave.


101 N 6th.tif
Four photographs of NE corner of N 6th. St. and Mynster - 101 N. 6th St.

1016 E Pierce.tif
1016 East Pierce (East of Oak Ave.)

102 North.tif
Three photographs of 102 North Ave.


102 104 North.tif
Photograph of 102-104 North Ave.


Houses P611.tif
"This house is one I lived in when I was quite young. It had a lot of history, and continues to contribute to days gone by" letter from Gracie Smith Beasley.
Home of Oscar Keeline

104 North.tif
Two photographs of 104 North Ave.

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105 Bryant.tif
Two photographs of 105 Bryant - South of City Auditorium

113 N 6th.tif
One photograph of 113 North 6th St. Razed June 4, 1979.


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