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Photograph of two men and the fish they caught in Lake Manawa.

Photograph of a family fishing at Lake Manawa.

The arched wooden footbridge sretching over Carter Lake provices an ideal resting spot for fishermne's poles on a nippy fall day. The men were pulling in a number of fish with hardly any effort. The roar of jets from nearby Eppley Airfield didn't…

Today...Gilbert's pond is still a favored recreation spot, but only for fishermen. Like the two men at left, who soak up some sunshine while waiting for a fish to bite. note how the bluffs have changed. They have been cut away to furnish earth…

Somehow summer-like temperatures turn lakes and streams into magnets for anyone whose hand is shaped to fit a fishing pole. Larry Jensen, 400 North Thirty-second street, and Rober Taylor, 1907 Sixth avenue, were lured to the shores of Big Lake to…
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