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The arched wooden footbridge sretching over Carter Lake provices an ideal resting spot for fishermne's poles on a nippy fall day. The men were pulling in a number of fish with hardly any effort. The roar of jets from nearby Eppley Airfield didn't…

Lakes F577.tif
Photograph of two men and the fish they caught in Lake Manawa.

Photograph of a family fishing at Lake Manawa.

Somehow summer-like temperatures turn lakes and streams into magnets for anyone whose hand is shaped to fit a fishing pole. Larry Jensen, 400 North Thirty-second street, and Rober Taylor, 1907 Sixth avenue, were lured to the shores of Big Lake to…

Today...Gilbert's pond is still a favored recreation spot, but only for fishermen. Like the two men at left, who soak up some sunshine while waiting for a fish to bite. note how the bluffs have changed. They have been cut away to furnish earth…
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