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The Fort Calhoun Station at Blair, NE, went into 100 percent operation in 1974.

Fort Calhoun Station Unit No. 1 turbine generator.

An aerial view of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station. The station is located 19 miles north of Omaha on the west bank of the Missouri River. The nuclear plant has a total generating capacity of 455,000 kilowatts.

Council Bluffs On Own Power . . . as switches are thrown by District Manager Vern Beats, above, and Distribution Supt. Claude Dilley at the Iowa Power & Light Co. sub-station on North Fifteenth St. Friday night.

Aerial photo, looking north, of Union Pacific Missouri River bridge, with the Omaha Public Power District's Jones Street station pictured in the upper left of the photo.

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station
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