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Standing Silent . . . in the museum is a cylinder phonograph, part of a largely-loaned collection ranging from toys to guns. Restorers hope to preserve building's patterned ceiling, a leftover from its days as a bank.

Checking The Collection . . . of items at Griswold's Cass County Museum are historical society members Velma Powers (left) and Helene Forsythe. Museum's collection, mostly of old-time everyday items, is now available for inspection only by…

Drumming Up Interest . . . in revitalizing the Cass County Museum, historical society members Velma Powers (left) and Helene Forsythe check a visitors' roster. At top is an old farm forge bellows; on wall a drum once used by Civil War veterans of the…

Reviewing The History . . . of the First United Methodist Church in Griswold is the Rev. Richard Hohl, pastor. The church is observing its centennial this Sunday.

Forty-Acre Conklin Park Outside Griswold On Highway 48 is a miniature evergreen forest in the middle of flat farmland. This bridge, complete with a "Cross At Your Own Risk" sign, leads to a small island in the middle of the lake. Facilities there…

Examining Antique Pistols . . . are Vern Bierbaum, who donated his collection to the Griswold museum, and Rex Powers, president of the Cass County Historical Society.

Floor Buckled . . in elementary principal's office at Griswold School. The overheated boiled blamed for the fire here is located under the office.

Converted Church . . . sports an apartment sign where Griswold Catholics once entered to worship.

Walking On Lawn . . . of their schoolhouse are Mrs. Jack Ruppert with kindergartners Ronnie Williams, Kathy Tanner, Glen Potter, Mickey Rabe and Jeff Shellberg.

The Latest Annual . . . from the Griswold High School holds the interest of two members from the first graduating class at that school. They are Mrs. Margaret Sidener and Mrs. R.A. Forsyth.

Seventy Years Old . . . Griswold Presbyterian church is observing its 70th anniversary at special services Sunday.
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