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Members Of The Juel Family . . . Barbara, a former Miss Iowa and now a resident of California, Mrs. Juel and Einer Jr., a physician in Atlantic, were reunited Wednesday night at a banquet honoring Einer P. Juel.

Fighting The Remnants . . . of Friday's fatal explosion, firefighters quickly contained the blaze that followed it and gas company employees checked surrounding gas lines for damage.

Taking Notes . . . on Christmas Day amidst the rubble of the First Federal building is Fire Chief Delbert Burdick. To Burdick's left is the gas meter that supplied the natural gas to the savings and loan office.

Peering Through Broken Glass . . . is Beverly Paben, restaurant manager at the Burger King just west of the decimated First Federal office. Employee Pearl Franks handed a food order to a drive-up customer seconds before the blast. Paben said Franks…

The Night Deposit Box . . . from First Federal Savings and Loan's West Broadway office survived the explosion. It was removed from the rubble and transported to the savings and loan's main office, a bank official said.

Covered With Debris . . . the First Federal Savings and Loan West Broadway sign lays as mute evidence of the explosion's destruction.

Piles Of Rubble . . . remain after a Christmas Eve explosion leveled the First Federal Savings and Loan building at 32nd Street and Broadway. Two men died in the explosion and several people were injured.

The West End Office . . . for First Federal Savings and Loan of Council Bluffs at 32nd and W. Broadway was completed in October.

A Scene Near Lake Tahoe . . . is the subject of the painting inspected by Mrs. Mary Ruffcorn, A First Federal employee. The painting hangs in the president's second-floor office and was created by his daughter.

A steady flow of curious Council Bluffs citizens circulated through the sparkling new First Federal Savings and Loan Association building during the first day of its open house Saturday. President Einer Juel was on hand to show people one of his new…

White Georgian Marble . . . covers the vaulted columns of the new $1.5 million plus First Federal Savings and Loan Association building that opens this weekend. Recessed lighting from the top accents gold-stainless steel fins which offset full-length…

These Three Buildings . . . will come down to make room for a building to house First Federal Savings and Loan Association. Five buildings to right of Herman's Clothes Shop will be razed and the land used for parking.

New First Federal Building . . . is a beehive of activity as workmen put finishing touches to $300,000 structure at Main St. and Broadway. Glass, brick . . . give the building a distinctive ultra modern appearance.
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