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Two photographs of a statue of a firefighter located at the old Central Station - 29 North Main St.

Straining Under The Weight . . . as he attempts to pull a 50 foot section of hose to the top of the training tower is Alan Knott, Omaha. Firefighter Mike Mattox stands by.

Sprucing up a centennial bell at the Oak Street Fire Station are B Shift members Capt. Jerry Carter, Firefighter Don Owens and Engineer Larry Olson. The bell was cast for the Bluffs Fire Department in 1876 and originally hung in the old Central Fire…

Presenting A Picture . . . of a 1913 world champion racing horse team to be used in the fire station as City Councilman Ron Cleveland looks on is DeVere Watson of Council Bluffs. The horses were named after a former mayor of Council Bluffs, Lou…

The statue "The Fireman," was presented to the Fire Department back in the days of the first World War by W.M. Wollman, 606 Oakland Avenue, a retired jeweler. Wollman, a familiar figure at Central Fire Station, was well known for his carving of…

Fire Department & Fire Stations File #2 (05-01-74 -)

Alarm's Brain . . . was this copper, brass, glass and white marble beauty known as a repeater. All 40 street fire alarm boxes were monitored through the device. Ticker tape punched out code to correspond to alarm box number.

Button Box . . . on the right is demonstrated by Asst. Fire Chief Norman Elgan. Disks inserted in the box would cause the other station's gongs, like one on left, to ring out the fire's location.

Fire Chief Norman Elgan and Laymon Simmons, representative of Home Fire Equipment Co. of Anderson, Ind., look over the new 1,000 gallon pumper truck delivered Friday to Central Fire Station. The truck will replace an older piece of equipment.…

The Present . . . Central Fire Station will have to be demolished along with other downtown property located in the Urban Renewal shopping center development. The station is now located where the parking garage will be in the new project.

Sweeping Effect . . . of 12-foot overhang eliminates "boxy" look of new fire station near Twenty-seventh Street and Broadway, and affords protection for front driveway. Brick facing is red tile, the overhang is painted white, and all the windows are…

Fire Station . . . at Twenty-seventh Street and Broadway will be replaced by another facility on another site. At left is toy car racing establishment, formerly eyed as fire station expansion site.

Fire Chief Norman Elgan . . . looks on as Mayor Donald Franksen and Councilman Joseph B. Katelman hammer away to free a granite cornerstone erected in 1909 at the old Central Fire Station. The cornerstone will be placed in storage until the new…

Final Preparations . . . for moving into the new Central Fire Station are made by Delbert Burdick, Fire Department training officer. When the building is formally turned over to the city, Chief Norman Elgan will begin moving in the dispatcher's…

Replacement And Relocation . . . of Fire Station No. 5, 1827 S. 8th St., is in the discussion stage, Fire Chief Norman Elgan said.

From Its Cupola . . . atop Central Fire Station, the heavy bell is lowered to a waiting truck.

Old and new fire trucks are on display in Council Bluffs

View from inside the Central Fire Station in Council Bluffs
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